Liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC
liquidoranges STUDIO creates art for architecture and interiors, including original works in print, hand tufted rugs, and glass.

Our original works in print are available for corporate art programs, hospitality, and private collections. Our rugs create destinations within spaces unlike anything available through standard sourcing.

Our architectural art glass is both technologically advanced and culturally relevant. Combining original digital media artworks c  ...  
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Architectural Art Glass Counter Tops
Written by: Reese Schroeder, AIA - President
Article Glass counter tops have been around for a while in various forms, from simple plate glass laid over a subsurface, to thick cast glass slabs, and everything between. The attraction to glass for counter tops is its spectacular beauty as it captures and transmits light. Its jewel-like quality is beyond that of stone or metal, making it a high end material for both commercial and residential projects. The renewed interest in incorporating art into architecture is what makes liquidoranges STUDIO LLC’s laminated art glass counter tops unique to the industry, as we produce triple laminated tempered glass with our colorations, patterns and designs sandwiched inside between glass layers. Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than annealed glass, giving the surface a much higher resistance to abuse without failure. For high impact potential areas, we design our art glass counter tops to include a sacrificial top layer, fully heat-soaked to take the abuse. When the glass wear is determined to deter from its aesthetic appearance, the sacrificial top layer is lifted off and replaced, with the laminated art glass counter remaining pristine, in place.

Probably the coolest design feature of our laminated art glass counter top is our ability to illuminate with an 8mm LED panel set under the glass. We’re using a unique LED system fully encased in acrylic, lasting up to 50,000 hours, fully calibrated to correct color temperature to illuminate the art glass exactly as it was envisioned and presented. Counter tops are transformed into living components of the interior, dimmable in concert with adjacent lighting scenes, its colorful art glowing independently or as part of a larger lighting experience.

Beyond the technology, c The glass can take on organic flowing lines, geometric shapes, rigid patterns, ethereal fuzziness, as an unlimited and unrestricted canvas for design-specific expression. Counters can appear dark and moody, bright and primary, complicated and textural, simple, referential to adjacencies’, and more. A truly integrated art glass counter “plugs in” to the design of the space, as a focal point or as a compliment. Working with triple laminate glass offers the ability to work in multi-layer art, giving further depth and contrast. Ultimately, an original commissioned art glass counter top becomes a contributor to the architecture, not as a gesture, but as a functional, integrated artwork. Liquidoranges STUDIO is integrating art with architecture through glass.
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Liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC's Products
Limited Edition Original Artwo
2017-18 Nominee
For over twenty years, Reese Schroeder has led electronic artworks digitally painted on the computer. His academic affiliations, corporate ...
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Art Glass Panel with Stand
2017-18 Nominee
liquidoranges Studio creates transparent artworks by Reese Schroeder laminated in glass, with steel display stands for public and private co ...
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Art Glass Wall
2015 Platinum Award
Defining spatial moments through art, our safety laminated art glass can be used to create spatial experience as partitions or as wall mount ...
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2015 Platinum Award
Artwork for defining interior spaces, our Illuminated Artglass Panels create transitional and destination points through fully adjustable ba ...
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Illuminated Art Glass
2013 Silver Award
Art in glass as functional creativity, these works are "artworks that works for a living." Laminated art glass illuminated by LED ...
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Art Glass Ceilings
2013 Platinum Award
Tempered laminated art glass ceiling panels ...
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Art Glass for Interiors
2013 Platinum Award
Laminated architectural art glass for vertical use in interiors, including walls, doors, partitions, screens, etc. ...
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Art Glass Counter Top
2013 Platinum Award
Our glass counter tops are original artworks in glass, created in collaboration with architects and designers to integrate within their inte ...
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Art Glass Flooring
2013 Platinum Award
Glass floor panels are typically 1.25� triple laminated tempered glass with our art interlayer between the bottom and middle lite. Pane ...
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Liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC's Projects:
Reading Memorial HS Armed Serv
Armed Services Memorial, fabricated from tempered low-iron laminated glass using our high resolution art interlayer. ...
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Harborside Memorial Medical Ce
Suspended glass ceiling, "Tree of Life", designed by Seyed Alavi. Glass panels are tempered, laminated with our art interlayer. ...
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Mecca Clock Dial
Clock Dial created for clock maker Electric Time Co., for a Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia ...
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