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Art Glass Counter Top
Our glass counter tops are original artworks in glass, created in collaboration with architects and designers to integrate within their interiors vision, as an original art glass work exclusive to the client.<br><br>
Glass counter tops are typically 0.75” laminated or 1.25” triple laminated tempered glass with our art interlayer between the bottom and middle lite. Counters are manufactured to fit your project. <br><br>

Typical lead time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from approved artwork and shop drawings. Quotes are provided based on architect or designer drawings, specific to the project.


Made from glass with pre-consumer recycled content. Glass is a recyclable material.


Published: USGlass, Volume 47, Issue 7 July, 2012,pp 50-52.


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Glass surfaces can scratch and chip if installed in inappropriate locations. In kitchens, it must be understood this is a very high-end product for a high-end space. It is generally specified for its unbelievable beauty over practicality. We recommend tempering glass counter tops, but this is an option. Edge treatment is important to the lifespan of any glass counter top. We offer polished square edge finishing for exposed edge tops. An unprotected glass edge is susceptible to damage and destruction of entire counter top. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND metal (or other) edge banding on all exposed counter tops. <br><br>

Easy to follow care and use will keep these counter tops looking great for a very long time. We do not recommend installing under-mount sinks due to the transparent nature of glass. Holes for plumbing can be accommodated. Very accurate field measuring is required as, unlike stone, modifications in the field are not possible.
Liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC
liquidoranges STUDIO creates art for architecture and interiors, including original works in print, hand tufted rugs, and glass.

Our original works in print are available for corporate art programs, hospitality, and private collections. Our rugs create destinations within spaces unlike anything available through standard sourcing.

Our architectural art glass is both technologically advanced and culturally relevant. Combining original digital media artworks created by Reese Schroeder with environmentally responsible materials and processes, we create an architectural art glass of colors so pure, exposure with sunlight produces dramatic spatial moments, changing by the minute, by the day, by the year as dynamic interrelationships between light and space.

Our glass is unique and exclusive, integrating collaboratively within the architectural form, to enhance the human experience through art while providing true functionalism. This is artwork that works for a living. Our art glass presented in our metal stands are artworks that work to inspire.

Our architectural art glass stands up to the rigors of modern construction and building codes as laminated safety glass designed to integrate naturally and securely into all complimentary systems where glass may be used. liquidoranges art glass is offered to architects, designers, and all our clients around the world, direct from our studio.

We Are Integrating Art With Architecture Through Glass.
City: Kingston
State: MA
Zip: 2364
Country: United States
Phone: (781) 248-4096
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Liquidoranges STUDIO, LLC
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