Builders Site Protection
Builders Site Protection

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Builders Site Protection's Products
Protecta-foam multipurpose sur
2017-18 Nominee
Protecta-foam is a self adhesive, reusable, temporary protection product for cabinets, stainless steel and other surfaces. It protects surf ...
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DoorGuard Plus
2016-17 Nominee
DoorGuard Plus is a temporary door protector used to prevent damage to doors sized from 3'-4' wide during construction. ...
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Edge ProTecT
2016 Gold Award
A reinforced V-board protection that easily protects damage prone window sills and window mullions during construction or remodeling. ...
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UV Threshold Tape
2014-15 Nominee
UV Threshold Tape features UV light stabilizers that prevent the tape from flaking and leaving residue, even when exposed to long-term sunli ...
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Toilet Sheath
2015 Silver Award
Toilet Sheath is a pre-printed cover that slides over a new toilet fixture, and attaches with a drawstring. Toilet Sheath has been designed ...
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DoorGuard temporary door prote
2016 Silver Award
DoorGuard is a sustainable temporary door protection product used to protect the door finish against construction damage ...
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