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Founded in 1970, Litetronics International, Inc. is a global lighting manufacturer that specializes in engineering energy efficient lighting products that cater to the aesthetic and performance needs of the restaurant, casino, cinema, hospitality, retail, and agriculture niche markets. The company manufactures a wide range of commercial lighting products, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, cold cathode fluorescent, metal halide, and high pressure sodium lamps.

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Address: 4101 W 123rd St
City: Alsip
State: IL
Zip: 60803-1803
Country: United States
Phone: (704) 360-4187
Fax: (708) 371-0627
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When Choosing Between Energy Savings and Lighting Design, Choose Both.
Written by: Litetronics International
Article Despite benefits such as energy savings and long life, some still prefer the appearance of traditional incandescent bulbs over LED, unaware that they may simply be using the wrong LED bulb. LITETRONICS International explains the fundamental differences between these technologies and how the right LED product can make all the difference. The technology behind incandescent light bulbs produces a light output that travels in all directions evenly, known as “omni-directional” light output. LED replacement bulbs use a different technology to create light, which is inherently “directional” – more focused in one direction. The end result may be that areas directly in front of the bulb receive a lot of light while areas to the sides and back towards the base, receive little or no light. So while LEDs offer many incredible benefits, their limited illumination pattern may not meet the desired light output for certain applications. The good news is that innovative design and engineering can now replicate the light output of incandescent bulbs, using LED technology. With the launch of their “LED Omni” light bulb, LITETRONICS has created a product with the energy-saving features of LED, and the truly omni-directional light output of traditional bulbs. Having the right illumination pattern is crucial for proper lighting design. In the hospitality industry for example, reading lamps, flood lamps, bedside wall lamps, and wall sconces are just some of the applications that require proper downlighting. LED Omni is able to meet Energy Star’s strict criteria for “true” omni-directional light, and can provide the necessary downlighting and overall ambiance to beautifully illuminate these applications. LED Omni is also a dimmable LED bulb, so it will perform seamlessly in any application where standard incandescent bulbs are currently being used. LED Omni is an A19 LED light bulb in a frost finish and 2700K color temperature. It replaces a 60-watt bulb with 11 watts of energy (an 82% energy savings) and produces 800 lumens of light output. For more information visit or call 800-860-3392. Samples may be available to qualified customers.
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Litetronics LED 1x4 RetroFit
2016-17 Nominee
Now, it is easier than ever to save with our 1’x4’ RetroFit family. The expanded 1’x4’ RetroFit family takes modular assembly ...
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Litetronics LED High Bay
2016-17 Nominee
Designed Specifically for Quick and Easy Installation. The Litetronics waterproof LED High Bay makes it easy to improve your lighting ...
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