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Pioneer Millworks Releases New Reclaimed Teak Line
Written by: Pioneer Millworks
Article Pioneer Millworks is excited to introduce a collection of Reclaimed Teak products sourced from Indonesia, produced in a way that meets with societal and environmental ethos of their company and their clients. With a political and cultural shift occurring in Indonesia, retired structures are being dismantled, allowing the Teak within to be carefully salvaged and repurposed by Pioneer Millworks for designer, architect, builder, and homeowner projects.

“Demand has always been high for this exotic hardwood species and after years of research and investing we’re happy to offer responsibly sourced Reclaimed Teak,” said Jennifer Young, General Manager of Pioneer Millworks.

Teak is best known for its beauty, strength, resiliency, color, and clean grain. Reclaimed, old growth Teak has abundant heartwood and natural oils, which protect the wood giving it unmatched durability and beauty as well as a long life as flooring, furniture, cabinetry, stairs, and more. Having withstood hundreds of years of use, reclaimed Teak has been naturally patinated by nature and time. Pioneer Millworks is offering solid and engineered Teak flooring and paneling with three different surfaces: smooth, natural and rough and a variety of custom finishes.

“By stepping out of our domestic focus, we’re able to bring a desired product to our clients, and at the same time help support the growth of a developing community – and donate 1% of our net profits to help stop deforestation,” continued Young.

Sources of Teak have not been without controversy. Pioneer Millworks cautiously and thoughtfully developed their Eco Teak collection, investing years of research and travel to Indonesia to ensure the products are sourced in a way that meets their demands for ethical treatment of employees and the environment. The production facility and reclamation processes adhere to the strictest international standards for processing and manufacturing while being healthy for the planet and for people. In addition, the Reclaimed Teak collection is Forest Stewardship Council Certified.

Dilapidated Indonesian structures are now being modernized and updated. Pioneer Millworks has worked to create jobs with responsible working conditions within Indonesia. To further Pioneer Millworks’ commitment to the environment, 1% of all Eco Teak net sales will be donated to an environmental NGO that is fighting the spread of deforestation. At this printing, Pioneer Millworks has not yet confirmed the recipient.
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