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COMMERCIAL & HOSPITALITY: Glass curtain walls, fountains, doors, room dividers, tabletops, reception desks, glass mural walls and signage. Custom commissioned glass sculptures and art screens are also applications that can enhance commercial and hospitality settings
RESTAURANTS: Signage, booth dividers, doors, windows, decorative glass walls, table tops, fountains, light sconces, vases and ornamental details.

RESIDENTIAL: SideLite and transom windows, table tops,  ...  
Address: PO Box 13098
City: Tempe
State: AZ
Zip: 85284-0052
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 845-6221
Fax: (480) 633-3344
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Article Living with nature; cast glass and stone resonate together. This residential project pairs the duo to great effect, creating a serene, meditative environment . Using Meldown Glass' 'flowing linen' texture, one of 32 standard textures, this 108" high x 72" wide panel is fabricated in crystal clear starphire tempered glass. In kiln-worked glass, the glass is molded, colored and shaped in Meltdown's large industrial kilns at temperatures up to 1600 F. Artwork can be fired multiple times until the desired effect is achieved. Molds are one-off handmade molds, destroyed after firing. Positive texture molds were made, and from them original negative molds were created for each panel. Cast glass can be tempered, laminated or installed in fire-rated safety-glass wall systems. It lends itself equally to being integrated into architecture or added as desired to an existing facility or home. Meltdown Glass, under the artistic direction of artist BJ Katz, is dedicated to expanding the frontier of kiln-cast glass in architectural and sculptural applications. Pricing All Meltdown Glass products are sold by the square foot. The price per square foot depends on the processes used to create the product, glass type, thickness, time spent in the kiln, and quantity. Price goes down as quantity goes up and discounts are given based on the specific conditions of each project. We try to help you find solutions that fit your budget. Notes Most Meltdown Glass products can be tempered to meet ASTM c1048 for safety rated glazing, and if required, our glass can be laminated and fire-rated. Other treatments and processes that can be achieved are insulated glazing, STC rated glass and glass curving. Our maximum panel size is 12' x 7'. We can offer suggestions regarding sourcing hardware for glass. All of our products are fabricated to meet the client specifications.
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Meltdown Glass Art & Design LLC's Products
2017-18 Nominee
MD414 Omni is our new kiln-fired texture and it is available in all of our specialty treatment options. ...
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MD413 Vino
2016-17 Nominee
MD413 Vino is a recently introduced kiln-fired glass texture that was cast with a wine bottle mold. It is available in all of our specialty ...
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MD220 Atlas
2016 Platinum Award
Kiln cast decorative glass ...
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MD220 Atlas
2016 Platinum Award
MD220 Atlas is a linear kiln-cast texture that mixes organic and structural elements, creating a versatile design for any space. ...
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Celebration Triptych
2012 Silver Award
This contemporary wall art is 9’ wide by 4’ high. The homeowners are delighted because the custom artwork ties together the c ...
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River Of Life Art Wall
2012 Platinum Award
The Baylor Charles A Sammons Cancer Center was designed by Perkins & Will Architects, Dallas office. The Art Wall is 24’ high x 16â ...
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
2012 Gold Award
"ThermoFisher Scientific Signage " is an elegant monumental-scale site-specific installation of floor and wall mounted handcast art glass ...
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Mather Lifeways5
2009-10 Nominee
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Corporate Cool in the Big Appl
2009-10 Nominee
Bored in a meeting? No need! Include hand-made art glass in designing your next project's corporate board room to provide privacy for meet ...
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