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Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc. a Minority Cerified business, introduced Palazzo Bathtubs to the United States in 2004 as their Exclusive Master Distributor. We now proudly offer the exclusive range of T&L Luxury Lifestyle Bathtubs and related products. T&L takes pride in the fact that our tubs are manufactured in the U.S.A; this enables our customers to enjoy outstanding customer service and peace of mind with our 5 year Warranty.
Our tubs are featured not only in hotels, private residences, lodges, and sp  ...  
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Country: United States
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Luxury Made in USA
Written by: Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc.
Article T and L Bathtubs are manufactured in the USA and the first choice luxury soaker bathtub for 5-star hotels and lodges as well as residential homes and condos around the world. We offer a wide range of classic bathtubs from the Oceanus to the large Imperia, the ultimate luxury bath for two people, and the compact Rosebud bathtub – ideal for a condo. Our bathtubs can be made with hot air massage and chromatherapy. Warm air blown through a series of mini-jets positioned on the base of the bathtub creates a soft cascade of bubbles which creates a gentle massaging flow throughout the tub. We offer a wide range of colors in matte and gloss as well as custom colors to meet your needs. All of the tubs are available in all of the colors and finishes. Our Imperia and Oceanus bathtubs are featured in the Park Hyatt in Hyderabad, India. (Pictured)
Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc.'s Products
T and L Imperia Bathtub in Rec
2011-12 Nominee
Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc. offer a bathtub fit for a king, or even a King and Queen! This particular bathtub from our Luxury Life ...
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T and L Oceanus in Recycled Ma
2012 Platinum Award
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T and L Isis in Recycled Mater
2012 Gold Award
Tyrrell and Laing International offer the Isis Slipper bathtub in our recycled filer. The Isis is sleek and slender while still having the b ...
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L and L Luxury Lifestyle Linn
2012 Platinum Award
Tyrrell and Laing introduce our Linnia Luxury Lifestyle Bathtub. Not your traditional freestanding bathtub. Make this the centerpiece of you ...
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T and L ECO Bathtub
2012 Silver Award
Tyrrell and Laing International introduce our Luxury Lifestyle Eco Freestanding Bathtub. Even though the Eco is ergonomically designed to us ...
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Luxury Lifestyle Imperia Frees
2009-10 Nominee
T and L oversized Luxury Lifestyle Imperia Bathtub. Fit for a king! ...
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Oceanus in Travertine
2011 Platinum Award
Exciting new finish! T and L offer all of our bathtubs in Travertine! This is our Oceanus Bathtub, perfect for two. ...
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2009-10 Nominee
T and L offer Luxury Lifestyle Basins to match our Bathtubs. ...
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2011 Gold Award
T and L offer matching freestanding basins to match our Luxury Lifestyle Bathtubs. ...
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