Koncept Technologies Inc.
Koncept designs and manufactures contemporary, stylish, energy efficient and fully functional LED lighting for homes and offices. To find a dealer or retailer, visit http://www.koncept.com/purchase.php
Address: 429 E. Huntington Drive
City: Monrovia
Zip: 91016
Country: United States
Phone: (323) 261-8999
Fax: (323) 261-8998
Website: http://www.koncept.com
Tono™ LED Mood Light
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Koncept Technologies Inc.'s Products
Tono LED Mood Light
2013 Gold Award
An LED lamp that paints your room in any color. Tono™ gives you every light color option you can imagine. Turn on the white color mode, ch ...
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Sobre LED Modular Task Light
2013 Platinum Award
Perfect for providing consistent, energy-efficient light for any extended work surface, Sobre™ is particularly suited for public spaces su ...
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UCX LED Undercabinet Light
2012 Platinum Award
UCX Undercabinet Light is constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy and features an ultra slim (5/8” wide) LED light bar that easily ...
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Mosso LED Desk Lamp
2012 Gold Award
Mosso Desk Lamp features the latest in LEDs and an LED head that not only swivels up and down, but also twirls a full 360 degrees, making it ...
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Equo Desk Lamp - 3
2009-10 Nominee
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Equo LED Desk Lamp - Silver
2011 Platinum Award
The clean and simple Equo features a discreet counterweight design for feather-light adjustability. One finger is all you need to adjust the ...
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Equo Desk Lamp - 1
2009-10 Nominee
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UC1 LED Undercabinet Lights
2009-10 Nominee
The UC1 LED Undercabinet Light is a series of easy to install, energy-saving, space-saving, and dimmable lights that can be mounted under a ...
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