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Product Design³ - The Ng Team
Written by: Edmund Ng
Article Calling Peter Ng a minimalist is stating the obvious. A designer with over 30 years of experience, Ng has mastered the art of merging functionality and style. A native of Hong Kong, Ng studied in Texas in the early 1970s. He returned to Hong Kong in late 1970s, but emerging advances in technology and the aesthetics of his U.S. environment stayed with him. He threw himself into designing, spending every waking hour at his design table in these pre-computer and pre-software days. Peter spent the next 30 years as an industrial designer for various firms and companies throughout Asia, designing a number of products and processes. By the year 2000, Ng was responsible for over a hundred product designs and a well deserved reputation as a premier designer. But his greatest success was yet to come. In 2002, with Peter's help, his sons Kenneth and Edmund started Koncept Technologies to promote designs under its own brand. For Peter, it was the realization of a long-time dream, and the design team trio therefore was born. It was the perfect fit. Growing up and watching their father at his design table, both Kenneth and Edmund developed a love of design and product development. Both are engineers by training - Kenneth at USC and Edmund at Stanford. The Ng Team purchased a factory in Asia and based the company's headquarters in Southern California. After designing several successful electrical products, the Ng Team began to research the rapidly emerging LED technology. In 2003, Peter began working on a new lamp idea - to use tiny, long-lasting LEDs for standard lighting. Without the need for a large incandescent bulb, the design could be sleek...even minimalist. In 2004, he created the first generation of the Z-Bar® LED Desk Lamp. The response was immediate and impactful. When the second generation Z-Bar® was introduced, Time Magazine named the Z-Bar® LED Desk Lamp one of the Best Inventions of 2007. In Europe, Z-Bar® was selected as a permanent display in Germany's Die Neue Sammlung museum as one of the best innovations of the 20th/21st centuries. Design awards continued to pour in from all over the world. Since this first minimal design, Peter and his sons have moved forward with their lighting design ideas. Following the Z-Bar®, the Ng Team introduced Equo® LED desk lamp, UCX® Undercabinet Lights, Mosso™ LED desk lamp - to commercial success and industry accolades. The lamp designs have been embraced by consumers and sought after by the commercial furniture industry for office integration. Not only because of the barely-there design, but also for the tremendous energy savings advantage through the use of LEDs. To date, the Ng Team's LED lighting designs have won 22 international design awards including: I.D. Magazine's "Best of Category" award, WAN Awards, Interior Design's Best of Year, iF product design award, JDP's Good Design Award, Benelux Office Products Awards, German Design Award, Bloom Award Winner, NGL "Best in Class", Spark Award, Chicago Athenaeum's GOOD DESIGN Award, ADEX Platinum Award. Most prestigious are two Best of NeoCon Awards and two red dot: product design awards. Plans for future new designs include introductions into decorative residential lighting and maintaining the minimalist philosophy in both design and sustainability. If less is more, minimal must be success. The Ng Team, especially Peter, has known that for years.
Tono™ LED Mood Light
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Koncept Technologies Inc.'s Products
Tono LED Mood Light
2013 Gold Award
An LED lamp that paints your room in any color. Tono™ gives you every light color option you can imagine. Turn on the white color mode, ch ...
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Sobre LED Modular Task Light
2013 Platinum Award
Perfect for providing consistent, energy-efficient light for any extended work surface, Sobre™ is particularly suited for public spaces su ...
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UCX LED Undercabinet Light
2012 Platinum Award
UCX Undercabinet Light is constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy and features an ultra slim (5/8” wide) LED light bar that easily ...
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Mosso LED Desk Lamp
2012 Gold Award
Mosso Desk Lamp features the latest in LEDs and an LED head that not only swivels up and down, but also twirls a full 360 degrees, making it ...
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Equo Desk Lamp - 3
2009-10 Nominee
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Equo LED Desk Lamp - Silver
2011 Platinum Award
The clean and simple Equo features a discreet counterweight design for feather-light adjustability. One finger is all you need to adjust the ...
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Equo Desk Lamp - 1
2009-10 Nominee
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UC1 LED Undercabinet Lights
2009-10 Nominee
The UC1 LED Undercabinet Light is a series of easy to install, energy-saving, space-saving, and dimmable lights that can be mounted under a ...
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