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Tono LED Mood Light
An LED lamp that paints your room in any color. Tono™ gives you every light color option you can imagine. Turn on the white color mode, choose between warm or cool light to brighten up your living space with a soft glow. Or switch to the color mode to splash any desirable color onto your wall or furniture. Want some drama? Turn on the color shuffle mode and let a rainbow of colors dance freely around your room.

Featuring 126 LEDs, Tono™ LED Mood Light is capable of displaying both white light and color light. Not only can you adjust the white light from a warm (~2,700 K) to a cool (~8,000 K) light, you can also let the lamp cycle through 1,500 light color combinations of Red, Green, and Blue. All of this can be done using the intuitive built-in touch slider and 3 touch buttons. The touch slider also allows you to turn the lamp on/off and dim the light to your desired brightness level.

Tono™ is offered in a sleek, glossy White finish.


Even with the high number of LEDs, Tono™ consumes only 24 watts and puts out approximately 600 lumens. The LEDs are rated to last 10,000 hours – thats 9 years assuming 3 hours of daily use. Aluminum housing is fully recyclable. All color finishes use water-based paint. All cardboard used in packaging is FSC certified. LEDs do not contain mercury.


Koncept Technologies Inc.
Koncept designs and manufactures contemporary, stylish, energy efficient and fully functional LED lighting for homes and offices. To find a dealer or retailer, visit
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City: Monrovia
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Country: United States
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Koncept Technologies Inc.
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