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Forbo Flooring Systems
Forbo Flooring Systems
8 Maplewood Drive Humboldt Industrial Park
Hazleton PA 18202 
United States
(570) 450-0328

Forbo Flooring Systems

As a global leader in flooring and movement systems, Forbo Flooring is in many cases an interface with daily life. Our business is about connecting materials, perfecting surfaces and the transport of goods. The materials that make everyday objects, and the surfaces people move around on and which move people and goods where they need to be. We do that by interconnecting with people all over the world every day: \\Every step you take... at home, at work or on the move: Forbo floors are essential to the way people experience quality of life.\\Every move you make... Forbo systems make production lines flow, sort the mail and parcels and move goods of all kinds.\\Forbo Flooring Systems is a global player in high-quality commercial and residential floor coverings with more than 150 years of experience. We focus on environmentally friendly, functional and design-oriented floors.
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