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Created Hardwood LTD
Created Hardwood LTD
1310 Grandview Av
Columbus OH 43212 
United States
(833) 326-6493

Created Hardwood LTD

Created Hardwood Ltd is, first and foremost, a furniture and accessories company whose primary raw materials are solid slabs of wood. In every case, the character of each slab determines its use. Its shape, size, color, texture and condition all influence its contribution to the overall piece. The edge of the wood plays an integral role in Created furniture. A natural, or “live” edge of the slab, is often kept intact, but only when it serves the overall design. It’s never forced in order to capitalize on a trend or to patronize popularity at the expense of good taste. Often the sharp contrast of clean, straight edge accentuates the character and movement of the grain so the live edge is removed. The goal of every Created piece is a singular, clear statement, which focuses on the pure, uninterrupted beauty of the slab of wood. We are stewards of nature’s gifts rather than artists showcasing our craft. To that end, complicated woodworking techniques and finishes are eschewed for simplicity of form using exceptional materials. Quality craftmanship, though essential and always present, is a subtle afterthought rather than a glaring feature. Restraint often trumps assertion of style and design. Our hardware is designed to complement the featured natural material in each piece, supporting the single statement rather than adding to it. Core design principles are always observed; balance, cleanliness, elegance— none are compromised, all working in harmony to achieve the goal. Created Hardwood strives to innovate rather than imitate. We are one of many solid wood furniture companies and set ourselves apart from the crowd with uncompromising attention to detail, strong designs, and outstanding quality. Sometimes risks are taken to create unique pieces, but only when appropriate and never for originality’s sake.


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