PrintedArt is a fine art photography collection and production service. We produce every piece in the collection either as a float-on-the-wall frameless piece face-mounted on acrylic or with a canvas stretch frame, or as a custom-framed piece of art. We also offer the same production services to customers who have their own inventory of photography to be produced by us. More details at and
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The Sound of Music
Written by: Diane Farris
Article There is a poem that reads: “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest.” Photography often provides the same. A chance to look at something longer and to discover things unrealized in our hustle and bustle life. These images are the best of both worlds! Maybe to hang in your music room, study, the lobby of a performance space, or your bedroom, reminding you of something near and dear. Do you have a perfect place for one of these? Let us know with a comment! <h3><a href="">My Violin by David M. Hunt</a></h3> <img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">Double Bass by Anne-Sophie Olive</a></h3> <img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">Barrel Piano by Raymond St. Arnaud</a></h3> <img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">Lady Playing A Zither by Colin Hyman</a></h3> <img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">Single Reed by KassiJo Wyatt</a></h3> <img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">Metal Music Sheets, Vienna by Richard Silver</a></h3> <img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">My Old Guitar by Stephen Sims</a></h3><img src="" border=0> <h3><a href="">Visit Our Online Collection</a></h3>
PrintedArt's Products
Random Irrationalism by Dennis
2013-14 Nominee
Random Irrationalism by Dennis Smith
Colorful structure abstracted with the help of motion blur.
Why we c ...
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Go Ahead by Liu Wai Yip
2014 Gold Award
Go Ahead by Liu Wai Yip

Autumn fog over grasslands turning the scenery into something resembling an old-fashioned painting.
r ...
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Burnt Tree Detail by Alexander
2014 Platinum Award
Burnt Tree Detail by Alexander S. Kunz
Detail of a tree after one of California's wildfires.

Why we chose it
The ...
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Approaching the Heart of a Gal
2013-14 Nominee
Approaching the Heart of a Galaxy by Raymond St. Arnaud

Mysterious lighting coming from behind blue and yellow flo ...
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Small Story by Carly Erin O'Ne
2014 Silver Award
Small Story by Carly Erin O'Neil
The tiny ant inside the bird of paradise flower all of a sudden gives the images a new ...
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Lavender Smoke by Howard Mitch
2013-14 Nominee

Lavender Smoke by Howard Mitchell

Pick of the Week: Lavender Smoke by Howard Mitchellr ...
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Evgeniya Vlasova: In the Golde
2013-14 Nominee

Evgeniya Vlasova: In the Golden Woods

Evgeniya Vlasova added another masterpiece this week ex ...
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Artichoke by Elizabeth Armstro
2013-14 Nominee

Artichoke by Elizabeth Armstrong

Californian photographer Elizabeth Armstrong contributed ...
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Ghost of Love by Evgeniya Vlas
2013-14 Nominee
Artist's Description: "This image based on the scene from the old movie Ghost of Love (Fantasma d'Amore) with Marcello Mastroianni and Romi Schneider."

Available with acrylic finish ...
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