Small Story by Carly Erin O\'Neil\r\nThe tiny ant inside the bird of paradise fl" />
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Small Story by Carly Erin O'Neil
Small Story by Carly Erin O'Neil
The tiny ant inside the bird of paradise flower all of a sudden gives the images a new meaning.

Why we chose it
We love the layered message. The image was already good solid photography before we saw the ant. Once you know about the small story inside the big picture, it's just perfect.

Who took the shot
Carly Erin O'Neil is the master of the unexpected. Having worked as model, make-up artist and as a photographer, she shoots a broad mix of styles, from nature shots to portraits to scenes made into stories in the best tradition of street photography.

Where we would hang it
This image would work great as a dominant piece in the entrance of a vacation resort. However, it may work just as well in a slightly eclectic restaurant or in a living room.



25 x 17 framless mount with acrylic finish: $424
40 x 27 framless mount with acrylic finish: $872
60 x 40 framless mount with acrylic finish: $1,631
25 x 17 frameless dibond mount, laminated: $301
40 x 27 frameless dibond mount, laminated: $585
60 x 40 frameless dibond mount, laminated: $1,131
PrintedArt is a fine art photography collection and production service. We produce every piece in the collection either as a float-on-the-wall frameless piece face-mounted on acrylic or with a canvas stretch frame, or as a custom-framed piece of art. We also offer the same production services to customers who have their own inventory of photography to be produced by us. More details at and
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