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Written by: Amir Ilin
Article Background Pedini has been producing sophisticated luxury kitchens since 1956 and has prestigious heritage – globally renowned as one of Italy’s best style-exports on a par with Gucci, Armani, Lamborghini and Alessi – and one of the first companies to produce the modular kitchen. The company experiments with a range of new and innovative materials and is known for the flair and creativity that it brings to the industry, interpreting that the luxury segment demands. Pedini is a leader in the kitchen design industry and a pioneer in setting new trends for more than 50 years. Philosophy Pedini designers tailor each kitchen to the given brief considering the space, lifestyle and style of the customer. The company considers esthetics and functionality of equal importance and approaches both with the same level of innovation. As a result each kitchen is a highly personalized with unique characteristics and encapsulating all of the different functions of the kitchen: living, eating, cooking, relaxing and entertaining. Pedini is known for its range and quality of materials which offer highly personal choices and allow for greater creativity in the design. The company is committed to research and development to stay ahead of trends, bringing new finishes and concepts to the portfolio each year. The design team aim to create the best possible design solutions mixing superlative functionality and design with top-spec materials for the ultimate statement in fashion and style. Pedini kitchens aim to find balance between the practical and esthetic, combining the social and functional aspect of the kitchen harmoniously together. Why choose Pedini? Pedini prides itself on its highly-tailored design process, superb manufacturing process, customer-service and client aftercare. These services take the stress out of selling and marketing high end kitchens and insure that every kitchen is designed and built to meet the specific needs of the most discriminating customers. Unique factors: - Pedini is a trend setter in the industry – the designs are always unique and fresh and are sure to become a classic and to get copied by many other producers. - Flexibility: Different ranges can be combined to create an utterly unique kitchen. If the client requires a unit outside of the standard modular elements the company will offer a ‘made to fit’ service. - Pedini offers bespoke (custom) color service – clients are asked to provide a sample of the required color and lacquering can be precisely matched to the sample. - Eco-credentials: Pedini uses 100% post consumption, recycled wood and eco-friendly materials. The product has the absolute lowest amount of formaldehyde in the industry. - Aftercare: Pedini provides manuals and cleaning kits for clients to ensure the kitchen is maintained throughout its lifespan and any specialist materials are looked after properly. - 7 year guarantee as standard. - Ergonomics are priority for Pedini designers, sliding tables, suspended base units and other integrated features ensure that Pedini products meet the demands of a modern kitchen. - Strong branding – consumers and trade alike are familiar with Pedini and are interested in it for all of the above factors.
Pedini Kitchens's Products
Pedini - Arts & Crafts
2014-15 Nominee
Pedini's Arts & Crafts model. Design: Alfredo Zengiaro The idea of this model is "Vintage - Innovation". Vocation towards the ...
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Pedini Materika
2015 Silver Award
The Materika model, from Pedini. 45 degree doors, in just about every material available - from wood, through, glass, lacquer, stainless ste ...
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Arts & Crafts
2015 Platinum Award
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Pedini Integra
2013 Gold Award
Pedini Integra has been our best selling model in the last 10 years. The year, Pedini re-introduce Integra, with new finishes, new cabinet d ...
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Pedini Eko
2012-13 Nominee
The Eko model from Pedini is a cost effective, ecological kitchen model, suitable for consumers needs today. ...
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Pedini Vintage
2013 Platinum Award
The Vintage model, from Pedini Kitchens is a new twist on a vintage look. The recessed panel doors are getting a new make-over, to look fres ...
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