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How often have I heard, “I will think about living beautifully once my children are a little more grown up?” I am a mother of six; adopted, blended and biological, and I know firsthand how damaging kids can be to a home. I have made it my passion, however, to find ways to live beautifully, yet function as a family. Teaching your kids at an early age that their surroundings are important and are to be respected is an essential part of shaping their character.

There are many things that you can do to make your home aesthetically pleasing while making it kid- and family-friendly.

Design Kid-friendly Spaces

If you have the space, convert one room in your home into a playroom or TV room for your kids. This gives them a space of their own and allows them to express their personalities. When decorating children’s rooms, be sure to enlist their help. Doing so roots them into helping take care of their spaces. Label and organize bins and baskets for storage. Insist that your children learn to respect the spaces you have created by having them put their belongings away. Stressing the importance of everything having its own place will go a long way in teaching your child to respect his or her space.

Also, consider installing 16” carpet tiles (or squares) in the playroom or TV room as well as other living spaces. Fully installed, it appears to be a total carpet. Individually, however, the tiles can be replaced as needed when damaged.

Use Durable Upholstery

Upholstery fabrics come in many styles, shapes and degrees of durability. If you are living the family lifestyle, forgo the fancier, more delicate fabrics for your upholstery pieces. For sofas and chairs, consider heavyweight linens, chenille and boucles. I look for 50,000 rubs when considering upholstery. This means that the upholstery can sustain 50,000 rubs before it starts to show wear and tear. Even then, the rubs aren’t that visible.

You can also choose prints when selecting upholstery. This makes for a great disguise when spills and stains occur. Prints and nubby, multi-patterned textiles are nice on bar stools. However, fun and funky pleathers are also great for this application. For those with furry friends that like to hang out on the sofa, purchase additional material of your sofa fabric and have pads made. This way the design is not compromised and you can dry clean the pads when they become soiled.

Choose Indoor / Outdoor Products

No other products in the marketplace have risen to such levels as seen in the indoor / outdoor category. These types of furniture and accessories are not only durable, but long-lasting. They can handle the extreme wear-and-tear of large family lifestyles and be used in unexpected ways inside the home. As an example, area rugs made from resilient indoor / outdoor materials are easy to maintain. You can place one under the kitchen table and when spills and stains occur, you can simply take it outside and hose it off. Moreover, indoor / outdoor area rugs, as well as other furniture and accessories, are being designed with both form and function in mind. What used to be scratchy, stiff fabrics are now supple and pliable. Many times, I can’t even tell the difference.

Mix it Up

One surefire way to make your home look and feel like a museum is to buy “sets” and “suites” of furniture. Instead, mix it up a bit to create an inviting, warm appeal. Consider pairing an antique or heirloom piece mixed with other types of furniture to achieve this appearance. For example, in one of my home design projects, I included a plush leather chair and ottoman, complemented by a cozy upholstered couch to fashion a “homey” space. As you raise your children, you will find that your kids want their friends to be comfortable in your home. So, be eclectic; this will make your home more welcoming.

Start a Collection

Starting a family collection is a great way to invite comfort into your home and is also a good way to teach young children to regard objects of importance with care. Whatever the collection, recruit the whole family to participate, and then enjoy the process of displaying it artfully in your home. Individual collections also serve to personalize spaces. The important thing is to display the collection properly to achieve an arranged style and for your family’s enjoyment for years to come.

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