JW Marriott Hangzhou
Hangzhou, Zhejiang,  None,  China

DESIGN Duncan Miller Ullmann
The JW Marriott Hangzhou design celebrates the local culture and the quiet reflection of West Lake from the moment you enter and continues the journey all the way to the guestroom. At the entry, a chandelier extends down through a hole above and you know you must explore where that originates. Underfoot, the stone floor pattern slowly twists in ribbons, just as water will laps upon on the lake shore. The floor pattern leads you to the Registration area where the columns are transformed into contemporary sculptural trees allowing a peaceful respite from city for your arrival. The art glass leaves flicker with the light, depicting the trees along the shoreline of the lake. Below the leaves, the elegant lily pads are sculpted in glass which shimmers in the light’s glow. As the journey continues to the Lobby Lounge, the vast expanse of the space opens up. Looking above, the chandelier stretches down with hand blown glass leaves and cut crystal strands in swirling cascades. The sparkle of crystals can be seen catching the light. The design is inspired from the weeping willow trees which can be found waving in the breeze above the West Lake shore. Stepping across handmade carpet where the pattern depicts the fallen leaves scattered about by the breeze. The grand stairs wrap up to the fine dining restaurants just as the hills encircle the lake. In the Lounge you can conduct business with all the modern technologies, relax and meet friends or colleagues and enjoy some of the famous teas grown in Hangzhou. It is the perfect spot or to have an afternoon drink or late night cocktail after enjoying dinner at one of the many restaurants on the property. Drawn into the Asia Bistro by the aromas of the gourmet foods served all day, but it is easy to linger in the beautiful surroundings. The center feature is a most elegant onyx stone pleasingly displayed in a diamond pattern. Upon it is sculpture of a school of fish as a chef works below preparing the freshest seafood for your dining pleasure. On each side of the stone, the back wall softly ripples in shadows, just as West Lake water ebbs and flows. The décor pendant light fixtures complement the wall with gently curving glass elements. The fabrics reflect the blue sky and all other materials echo the natural surroundings of the lake. Whether the preference would be a local delicacy, Pan-Asian fare, western or seafood, all dining experiences will be pleasurable. Enter Man Ho Restaurant to a warm greeting, past the water feature to a duck oven visible through the glass windows. In the main dining room, a unique tea kettle sculpture and dynamic open kitchens all fitted out by golden stones and champagne colored mirrors. The many private dining rooms, each named for a different spice, are finely appointed with contemporary ceramics, custom crystal chandeliers and handmade rugs. The indoor swimming pool features a luxurious setting surrounded by the finest Cararra marble slabs in a book-match installation. Under the water, the soft watery blues glisten. Above the wave light sculpture continue the entire length of the pool. The far wall is a vast mural of West Lake at night. The guestroom carpet in deep blue tones interprets the waves of West Lake. Nature is celebrated in the elegantly embroidered flowers on the bed throw. The headboard wall in burnt orange leather and fabric surround mirrors the sunset in the afternoon sky. The traditional designs in the painted and embroidered artwork show the heritage and depict nature. Hangzhou is not only a tourist destination where thousands flock to see its vast cultural heritage but an important global business destination. From ancient times where the Grand Canal was the super highway from which you could journey half way across this great country to current times where the port city does business around the world, Hangzhou is a thriving business hub and JW Marriott is in the heart of it all. What better way to mix business with pleasure than with the luxurious JW Marriott Hangzhou.
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DESIGN Duncan Miller Ullmann
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