Home Meridian International Corporate Headquarters & Showrooms
High Point,  North Carolina,  United States

Martin Roberts Design, LLC.
Martin Roberts Design Completes HMI Showroom Renovation New Furniture Showroom at Largest International Furniture Tradeshow Design puts furniture in spotlight while supporting five distinct brand identities Martin Roberts and Martin Roberts Design recently completed the design of an extensive renovation to the trade showroom of Home Meridian International, located at the High Point Furniture Market, the largest international furniture tradeshow. Prior to the re-design of the 90,000-square-foot space, several of HMI’s operating companies were spread across several separate, unconnected spaces in High Point’s 220 Elm building. Visitors enter an upper-floor reception area, then descend a wide, multi-level staircase to reach a courtyard with entrances to each of the company’s divisions, including Pulaski Furniture, Samuel Lawrence Furniture, Prime Resources, Creations Baby and Sourcing Solutions. The showroom in the 220 Elm Building uses white as its dominant shade to provide contrast and showcase the products of fast-growing HMI’s five divisions. “HMI is a company that’s design-driven and forward-focused, and this design evokes those qualities in an understated way in order to shine the spotlight on the innovative furniture that has fueled the company’s strong growth in recent years,” said Martin Roberts, president of Martin Roberts Design, Stamford, CT. “The space and the grand staircase also enabled our design team to illustrate how HMI is both one entity with a very strong identity and five operating divisions—each of which has a strong, distinct style and a singular brand personality.” HMI CEO George Revington said the design also reflects the company’s focus on its retail customer's needs. With five showrooms in one, the space allows busy furniture store buyers to quickly evaluate a wide range of new and existing collections in clear, focused settings to make it easy to see lots of different options, and focus in on favorites. The space also provides quiet areas to relax, connect with their stores or conduct other business. Roberts said the space had many advantages, among them a highly visible street entrance, which also has space for outdoor seating.
Martin Roberts Design, LLC.
Martin Roberts is President of Martin Roberts Design, LLC with offices in New York City and Stamford, CT. MRD includes a team of top-of-the-line architects, graphic artists, illustrators, display designers, digital illustrators, model builders, renderers, researchers and consultants. They are an award-winning team specializing in brand strategy; marketing; product and retail design.

Mr. Roberts has earned professional design credits worldwide. In addition to work with a broad variety of businesses from small independent family-owned operations to huge chain stores and major retailers, Mr. Roberts has an international background in business and marketing. As President and Founder of Grid2 International, Mr. Roberts previously managed a New York City studio including thirty designers and their support staff.

Mr. Roberts is a member of The Royal Society of Arts in London, the Society of Industrial Designers, the Institute of Store Planners and the Retail Design Institute.
He has served as President of the Dovetail Alliance. Mr. Roberts has contributed regular monthly articles to Home Furnishing Business magazine in addition to providing articles periodically for other publications and associations. He holds royalty contracts with American Leather, Harden Furniture and Norwalk Furniture for his original product designs.

He is a frequent speaker for industry associations at meetings and conventions including the Las Vegas and High Point Markets; the Furniture Marketing Group; Furniture First and the Retail Design Institute. He donated his time and his team’s expertise to design “The Dream Store” featured at the 2012 Association of Progressive Rental Organization’s (APRO) annual convention and he will present a seminar from his popular series “Sell More, More Often”. He also contributed his expertise to the Union Square Development Group in New York City.

In addition to work in the furniture industry, clients in the consumer electronic and appliance industries include Abel Cine, Conair, Circuit City, DeCosta Manning (Barbados) and Barnes & Noble’s “NOOK”. Luxury retailers include Saks off 5th Avenue, Cartier, Lacoste and TUMI who specialize in high-end clothing, jewelry and luggage.

Other recent projects include the redesign for Home Meridian International corporate headquarters and six showrooms. Store design, logo and identity projects have been completed for 10-Minute Fitness and Miller Waldrop Furniture. International Shoppes’ duty-free shops at John F. Kennedy International Airport as well as Supercentre and Dwellings in Barbados are store design and space planning projects. Display design for Conair, store design for Mathis Furniture, bookstore design for the University of Arkansas and design services for Furniture Enterprises of Alaska are additional projects. Please visit the website www.mrobertsdesign.com for much more information, copies of articles and photographs.

Address: 31 General Waterbury Lane
City: Stamford
State: CT
Zip: 06902
Country: United States
Phone: (212) 365-4809
Website: http://www.mrobertsdesign.com
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