Marriott Hotel - West Soho
New York City,  New York,  United States

I3D, Inc. - Design Consultants
This fast-track hotel project not only needed an affordable lighting package, but also needed some ‘spice’: unique features that gave the space recognizable elements and a unique identity. The tight, low budget allowed for only a few select features in addition to the series of clean designed, adjustable downlights. We also created a series of indirect lighting elements that used the color red providing a consistent characteristic theme. Red not only reflected the brand color of the hotel chain, but also reflected the Chinese cultural relationship of the owner and developer. The color is carried from the outside into the inside: facade strips, in floor recessed lines, in addition to indirect color grazing on the ceiling, as well as in furniture-integrated ambient indirect lighting. The lighting draws attention to passerbys and creates a comfortable setting in the inside.
I3D, Inc. - Design Consultants
At “I3D, inc.” we create recognizable identities, atmospheres for life style and user experiences that strengthen the market distinction of the space, product or brand.rnrnOur in-depth understanding and experience across multiple design sectors enables us to bridge design disciplines into one comprehensive vision.rnrnAs an interdisciplinary design agency we are offering a variety of design services that develop innovative design solutions and translate vision and strategy into executable, integrative, creative solutions.
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I3D, Inc. - Design Consultants
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