Fashion 26 Hotel
New York,  New York,  United States

I3D, Inc. - Design Consultants
The project was driven by a simple concept creatively re-interpreted: a ”line of light.” Fluorescents were placed in coves, slots, and pockets to create ambient indirect lighting and were placed in tubes to create direct glow. We integrated sleek, modern fashion themes by bringing forth textures, patterns, and structures through grazing applications, such as exterior stone walls or lobby reception walls. Finally, colorchanging glowing LED pendant tubes in the centerpiece of the lobby were covered with a tactile fabric. These pendants created different moods at different times, changing colors to reflect the changing psychology of events (amber for sunset, blue for a relaxed late night, etc.).
I3D, Inc. - Design Consultants
At “I3D, inc.” we create recognizable identities, atmospheres for life style and user experiences that strengthen the market distinction of the space, product or brand.rnrnOur in-depth understanding and experience across multiple design sectors enables us to bridge design disciplines into one comprehensive vision.rnrnAs an interdisciplinary design agency we are offering a variety of design services that develop innovative design solutions and translate vision and strategy into executable, integrative, creative solutions.
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I3D, Inc. - Design Consultants
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