apartment Sredisce in Zagreb
Zagreb,  Croatia

Studio Ana Deg
Interior design of the apartment in Sredice, Zagreb
Year of the project : 2009.
Size : cca 40 m2

Description of the project :
Apartment of size cca 40 m2 was designed for a young client in her 30s. Concept of the interior design was to create contemporary, comfortable and visually interesting space.
Dominant feature of the apartment is painted wall which is connecting kitchen to the living room, and is the first thing we notice when entering the interior. As contrast to the white kitchen and bleached oak flooring, wall is painted in three colours : dark green, grey-brown and light beige.
Almost all of the furniture in the interior is bespoke.
Studio Ana Deg
Studio Ana Deg for interior design was established in 2007. and since then has produced many private and public interiors, independently and in cooperation with architectural studios, and specializing in residential and hospitality interior design. In cooperation with architectural studio 3lhd has produced renowned projects such as design hotel Lone in Rovinj and many other projects such as Central Residences in Zagreb and hotel Amarin in Rovinj. In cooperation with architectural studio Randic i suradnici has produced projects such as hotel Amfiteatar in Pula and family house Tuskanac in Zagreb. As part of 3LHD team has received the several awards for the project of design hotel Lone in Rovinj, such as International Hotel Award, European Hotel Design Award for best new built hotel, Oris award 2012, Viktor Kovacic award 2011.
City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
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Studio Ana Deg
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