ADEX Awards Call For Entries 2020-21

1909 Elephant's Child

Gold Award
Elephant’s child is an Art and Design object. The composition is based on four elements: function, form, color, and light. The piece is design to work as Entrance table. The form is produce with minimum lines and curves but with sharp angles that trap light and transform the color tones. Color is a great aspect of the objects. The right color is essential for the shape and the light to create the best viewer experience. Light striking the piece makes the motionless object to become alive as Natural light moves during the day. The object is inspired by the elephant’s calve. Fabrizio associates the birth of elephant calves to all changes we have to confront during our life. Just like most elephant calves stand and walk into a new reality, we should see opportunity on disruption.


Silver A'design award and competition.
category:Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design
Gold ADEX award



Fabrizio Constanza Design is a company dedicated to create unique functional art collectables pieces and design and production of commissioned pieces for private or hospitality projects.

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