TrueFashion EasyAim

To compete with online retail on attracting customers in the street, fashion retail stores are opening their facades with bigger & ‘see through’ shop windows to get the attention of the shopper. These shop windows are typically higher which is creating challenges for aiming the light inside the shop window. TrueFashion EasyAim is a tailored lighting solution for high shop windows that can be aimed with the remote app on the decorator’s smartphone. It offers a safe solution preventing to work at dangerous heights and gives the decorators a customer’s overview on their work while aiming the light. Retailers will experience ease of use, increase of decoration speed to save costs and reduce the interruptions, creating the highest quality shop window lighting to attract the customers in the street.


Price cannot be disclosed in view of currently ongoing negotiations with customer(s). Motorization and app control will result in a price uplift compared to spots with similar optical (lighting) performance. The product fits on existing standard lighting tracks which ensures that installation costs are same as for other (DALI) spots. Many fashion retailers make changes to their shop window at least monthly, and only looking at time savings of wireless re-aiming of the spots should result in a payback time on the investment of 6-8 months.


- Offering highest quality of light with maximum spill light control- Very narrow beam of only 6 degrees, which offers beam intensity of 75000 cd (Maximum Beam Intensity). This ensures that even in daylight conditions and with ceilings higher than 4.5 m, accent lights are still noticed and effective
- Spots have integrated motor and motor-driver that allows for accurate aiming without touching the luminaire
- Phone app offers an intuitive user interface that communicates wirelessly with luminaire
- User identification is done with state-of-the-art IT security, ensuring safe and reliable operation
- Affordable pricing


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