TruFit Shower Enclosure

Traditional heavy glass enclosures need to be made to order because even a 1/8” out of plumb can require custom glass. The TruFit enclosure utilizes our custom jamb and channels to allow for easy, on-site adjustment to the wall and curb conditions.

- 3/8” Clear tempered glass
- Heavy glass hinges and a through-the-glass C-pull
- Five stock finishes: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Roman Bronze and White
- Single door has 1/2” of adjustment, door and panel has 1 1/4”


Now you can have HEAVY GLASS in a fiberglass stall.

- You DO NOT need to hit a stud when installing the door
- Eight molly bolts spread out the weight to the unit and curb
- Customers say they can do a tear out and install in ONE HOUR
- For remodels, the wall jambs can cover old screw holes


Consider this use for the Skyline. You're building a resort complex in the Bahamas. You have 1,000 door and panel showers to install. If you want heavy glass, formerly you would have to measure for every enclosure (to within 1/8"), deliver each of the 2,000 panels of glass to the right room, then hope they all fit, make the trip, and so forth. Then you need to replace broken or scratched panels, items that were not quite the right size, and repeat until they're all in. And later, if a drunk guest breaks a panel, you have to wait days for a fresh panel to be made to size and installed.

Now consider the TruFit. You order 1,000 Trufit Enclosures (they have over an inch of play, so little outages are not a problem). You can install them as each room is ready, (no need to find the panels for room 206 if they were misdelivered to 602). Later, if a guest breaks a panel, the maintenance crew can grab a spare from storage, install it, and you're renting that room that night.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures

From design to delivery, Cardinal Shower Enclosures is a full service domestic manufacturer of shower enclosures, offering an extremely wide selection of models, finishes and glass options, from patterned to cast glass. Our enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability, and carry a lifetime guarantee against defects in craftsmanship and materials on extruded aluminum parts. With locations across the U.S., we can reach 80% of the population with next-day delivery, and the balance with two or three day service.

With the addition of our 80,000 square foot tempering facility, we can be your single source for enclosures and Venetian Cast Glass. While the industry standard is a 20% reject rate for tempered panels, we're running at a less than 1% reject rate, virtually eliminating the need for return trips to the job. Our large 160,000 square foot manufacturing facility means we can provide hundreds of enclosures at a time for your large projects. We also produce all of our stunning cast glass in-house, ensuring the best quality for your enclosures and architectural glass applications.

Cardinal Shower Enclosures. Our goal? Complete. Correct. On time. Every time.TM


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