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Raskin - Gorilla Floors
Mosaic Collection
The Mosaic Collection was inspired by the discovery of the Deverill Villa in Luke's garden – a find for which the word 'serendipity' feels slight. 'It's ridiculous,' says Irwin, 'that 20 yards from your front door when you design rugs, which are the mosaics of today, you find a 2,000-year-old luxury floor design.' The collection, however, is not a simple pastiche of Roman mosaics. Instead, the aim is to breathe new life into these ancient symbols of luxury; to make them tangible again, but for our own time rather than a replica of a time gone by.



Starting £15,561


Each rug is hand knotted to order and is available in any size or color. The rugs can be made in wool, silk and cashmere.

Luke Irwin
Address: 20-22 Pimlico Road
City: London
Zip: SW1W 8LJ
Country: United Kingdom
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Luke Irwin
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