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Salmon shaped ceramic tiles
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Each rug is hand knotted to order and is available in any size or colour. The rugs can be made in wool, silk and cashmere.


The point of this collection was that you could see the original design, which is quite classical, deep within the rug but that it had been eroded by the sands of time (hence the title of the collection based on Shelley’s poem of the same name). Again these are abstracts but abstracts with more structure than Fresco & Nimbus. To me rugs are the subliminal element in any room – you see them out of the corner of your eye (unless you are very shy and staring at the floor) and as such should be the last thing you notice but when you do it should all make sense.
Luke Irwin
Address: 20-22 Pimlico Road
City: London
Zip: SW1W 8LJ
Country: United Kingdom
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Luke Irwin
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