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Wood-wrapped mouldings and millwork

Contact Industries, a leader in wood gluing and wrapping technologies, offers a complete line of wood veneer wrapped moulding products with clear advantages over solid mouldings. The product line features genuine wood veneers laminated to a moulded softwood substrate, providing the look and feel of costly clear, solid wood mouldings in consistent lengths up to 16 feet. Its softer wood core makes it easier to cut and nail than hardwood mouldings and negates the need for pre-drilling nail holes. And, because the core is finger-jointed, it won't warp or twist like solid mouldings.


Please call for pricing information.

Contact Industries' innovative wood-wrapping technologies extend hardwood resources by wrapping them over common and not-so-common substrates, which simply means more for tomorrow. Contact's products allow designers to create something new and beautiful while saving resources. By creatively using the science of veneer and adhesive technology, this organization of 575 people works closely with design and architectural professionals to provide both standard and custom profiles that yield economical, aesthetically-pleasing components for a variety of projects.

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