Euro Style Restroom Partitions

Best of 2021
Add European elegance, refined style and high design to your restroom creations with Bradley’s new collection of Euro style partitions. Choose from a stunning selection of three new distinctive partition models, including Float Series, Lucent Series and Loft Series, each designed to create a dramatic backdrop in commercial washrooms and amaze restroom guests. Characterized by clean, fresh, and modern design elements like enameled tempered glass, minimalist frameless construction and floating-on-air aesthetics, each Euro partition model exudes unique beauty and personality for a welcomed surprise in washrooms. Advanced new materials, sturdy construction, user privacy and maintainability complement the sophisticated look of each model. Available in many color options and with exclusive LED occupancy lighting, these Euro style partitions instantly elevate the look of restrooms while keeping traffic flowing. Loft series combines resilience and privacy Outstanding design, seamless construction with no visible gaps, and unsurpassed strength make these partitions ideal for any commercial restroom. Frameless construction with no visible hardware creates a crisp streamlined look. Made of Bradley’s exclusive Phenolic LT material and aluminum framing, Loft series partitions are lighter than comparable partitions, yet equally durable. Dependable slow-close no-pinch hinges stand out as a thoughtful safety element. Float series creates a fresh, airy appearance With the feet, headrail and hardware hidden from view, Float series partitions create the impression they are floating on air, even though they are securely anchored to the floor and walls for ultimate stability and durability. Its clean, flush surface construction evokes a sophisticated and minimalistic design, while its exclusive Phenolic LT material supports cleanliness and maintainability. To improve the users’ washroom experience, Float series partitions’ quiet soft-close door hinges offer the perfect high-quality feature. An innovative LED light occupancy indicator turns from green to red to enhance traffic flow. Lucent series elevates elegance Lucent series partitions made of enameled tempered glass brings both light — and lightness — to the restroom, creating an aura of openness and airiness. Minimalist stainless steel hardware is mounted on the inside of the stall enabling the beauty of the glass shine through, while the even surface of the partitions convey a smooth and streamlined look. Completely scratch-resistant, easily cleaned, strong and safe, Lucent partitions achieve their soft opaque look from vitreous enamel paints available in an array of beautiful colors. “Bradley’s collection of Euro style partitions offers the complete package for creating distinctively modern and elegant washroom designs,” said Mary Scherer, product manager, Bradley Corp. “Reinforced with robust materials, accessories and construction, this collection is as resilient as it is beautiful.” For more information, please visit

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, Bradley has created the most advanced, coordinated commercial washrooms and comprehensive emergency safety solutions that make public environments hygienic and safe. Dedicated to innovating healthy handwashing technologies, Bradley is the industry's leading source for the most sanitary multi-function touchless handwashing and drying fixtures. Washroom accessories, partitions, solid plastic lockers, as well as emergency safety fixtures and electric tankless heaters for industrial applications round out its product offerings. Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wis., USA, Bradley serves commercial, institutional and industrial building markets worldwide.

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