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Wittus Flatfire Gas Fireplace
The Wittus Flatfire Gas Fireplace incorporates visual design, cutting edge technology, and ease of use to create a highly efficient and safe gas fireplace with attractive flames in a sleek, sophisticated frame that's easy to install and easy to use. The FlatFire has a landscape shape with a large window for viewing the mesmerizing fire as it modulates up and down along a fiery row called a “Ribbon Flame.  Dark lava stones arranged at the base of the flames add to the contemporary look and feel. The remote electronic ignition and control system is radio frequency operated and battery powered. An acoustic signal followed by a visible pilot flame assures a proper start. The control of the flame height and heat is at your fingertips. In addition, the Flatfire features a remote temperature sensor, a full timer function, and a manual override function (if out of power and batteries). To install the Flatfire, simply hang it on a wall and vent it through the back, hiding the stovepipe. The vent can either go horizontally through an exterior wall or elbowed to go vertically through the roof. Imported from Europe.


Glass frame $3900 (shown), Steel frame $3490


There are two frame options, either glass or gray steel. Installed flush against the wall. Utilizes standard 6 5/8” direct vent chimney systems to be back vented vertically through a roof, or horizontally though an exterior wall using propane or natural gas. Comes with a multi-function thermostatic remote control. Size is 37” wide x 26” high x 6.8” deep and heats up to 24,000 BTUs; about 1,000–1,200 square feet. The gray steel version is 7.6” deep.
Wittus - Fire by Design
Nothing can compare to a love of home and hearth and for the past 30 years Niels Wittus has nurtured his company, believing in the products, quality, the beauty and joy these stoves and fireplaces bring to American households. The essential ingredients are: artistry, technology, and environment. Artistry — Produced in Europe, the award-winning fireplaces and stoves combine the most up-to-date automated manufacturing techniques with old world hand craftsmanship. Unique and original, they are a revolutionized Fire by Design. Top quality steel, special custom glazed ceramic, and fine Tulikivi soapstone are used in construction. The finished products are made to serve beautifully – year after year after year. Technology — Behind their beauty lies sophisticated, advanced burning systems which have set new standards in the field of wood and gas burning. The wood stoves burn cleanly and efficiently with adjustable air controls. Many can even be operated by remote control. The gas stoves, also with full remote control capabilities, utilize the latest in valves and clean-burn technology. Most Wittus products are manufactured according to strict ISO quality standards. Environment — Wittus fireplaces and stoves have been tested and meet stringent US and Canadian standards for wood and gas burning models. The wood burning stoves are EPA certified and are environmentally clean burning. Cozy flames, functional modern fashion, ecological responsibility. That's Wittus — Fire by Design.
Address: PO Box 120
City: Pound Ridge
State: NY
Zip: 10576
Country: United States
Phone: (914) 764-5679
Fax: (914) 764-0029
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Wittus - Fire by Design
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