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Defend All-G
Defend-All G is the newest addition to SBI Fabric Finishing outstanding finishes. This super finish combines not only our premium stain protection with antimicrobial, mold and mildew protection, but it also incorporates a protective breathable urethane moisture barrier backing. Each layer of this finish provides an unbeatable force against any foreign harm to your fabric. Protective Antimicrobial and Mold/Mildew resistance leaves your fabric opposed to most all growths including fungi, gram negative and gram positive bacteria, and mold. Our unique urethane moisture barrier backing protects furniture upholstery from spills and moisture while allowing your fabric to breath. This combination of treatments is perfect for use in institutional and health care facilities.


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Schneider-Banks Fabric Finishing has been trusted for over thirty years with quality finishes and truly protecting fabrics. This new super finish, Defend-All G, is the ultimate in finishes offered in today's industry. SBI's Flame Retardant and UV Protection is also available for an even more protective finish. Backed by superior customer care and dependable quality by SBI, for your commercial or health care needs Defend-All G is the right choice.
SBI Fine Fabric Finishing
SBI is a full service Textile finishing company that provides a complete line of services from fire retardant, and stain protection, to laminations, backings, specialty finishes and more. SBI's finished fabrics are found in world-class hotels, and around the globe.
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