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Stain Protection
SBI's Stain Protection finish provides long lasting protection against both water and oil-borne stains. This finish is designed to penetrate deeply into the fibers of your fabric when applied. Not only does it protect against stains but it also protects against wear and tear while extending the life of the fabric. SBI recommends stain protection for all drapery, wall upholstery, and furniture fabrics, even textured fabric. This finish will keep your fabric looking “new  longer and will have no effect on the texture, appearance, or hand of the fabric. Our stain protection is the highest quality protection against the every day wear and tear, even dirt and grime.


SBI offers competitive pricing for each service offered. Contact us for your personal quote on your next project.


This finish is available on both synthetic and natural fibers. Our custom Schneider-Banks formula has met AATCC Test Method TM-22-1985 for repellency and AATCC Test Method 118-1983 for oil resistance. SBI's custom premium stain protection is manufactured using Nano-Technology techniques and does not contain PFOA or PFOS. Samples treatments are available upon request.
SBI Fine Fabric Finishing
SBI is a full service Textile finishing company that provides a complete line of services from fire retardant, and stain protection, to laminations, backings, specialty finishes and more. SBI's finished fabrics are found in world-class hotels, and around the globe.
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Country: United States
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