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Being unique is all about being different and this is just the case with Individuo, Camira’s tie-dye effect fabric on a Synergy base.

Individuo has a distinctive look and feel, and is available in four contemplative colorways. Its fluid, graduated color appearance is ever-changing and ensures no two areas of fabric are the same. It is inspired by the Artisan trend which romanticises handmade, handcrafted, creative artwork and textiles.


Individuo is dyed using non-metallic dyestuffs. The virgin wool content is natural and rapidly renewable.


$44.00 per yard
Camira Fabrics
Address: 2476 Waldorf Court NW
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Zip: 49544
Country: United States
Phone: (616) 288-0655
Website: http://www.camirafabrics.com
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