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Soma introduces Infinity : The world's first OpenSystem designed executive and conference room chairs. Infinity is real ergonomics in a modern design aesthetic that you'll love just as much for it's modern look as for how it makes you feel. It is a true expression of the timeless design axiom: Form follows function. Soma Infinity is built on the same clinically proven features that help relax and align the users upper back, neck, and shoulders, provide the best RSI prevention and real freedom of movement! It has a super smooth ride and is so easy to adjust with its easy to use controls that you'll love it! Infinity also provides superior cushioning. Infinity has SomaSmart cushioning technology that is better than mesh or traditional foam cushioning. The executive version comes standard with independent seat and back angle adjustment, adjustable lumbar depth, seat depth adjustment, and adjustable armrests and with it's unique Open System design Infinity adds up to more than the sum of its adjustments and more than meets the eye. With Infinity's revolutionary OpenSystemSeating design, preferred by world class ergonomic experts, Infinity is truly an innovation landmark in seating design that has to be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated.
Soma Ergonomics
Our Company | Environmental Program Soma Ergonomics was founded in 1992 with the mission of helping make our world a better, more comfortable place to live. Soma's foundation was laid, however, beginning in 1984, when our founder, principal designer, and former architect, "Z!", became keenly aware of on the one hand of a general lack of chairs that were attractive, affordable, and really ergonomic, and on the other hand of the increasing rate of work-related injuries, predominantly in the back and the wrist. Supported by intensive personal research coupled with revolutionary ideas that were later proven by independent research findings, our founder was driven to create affordable, real ergonomic products that both look great and are anatomically correct/really help prevent both lower back and repetitive strain injuries. To that end, Soma Ergonomics manufactures innovative ergonomic products based on serious, objective physiological research. We continue to gather information from a diverse group of experts in the fields of medicine, psychology, physiology, and related-products industries, as well as from you, the consumer, directly, our ultimate "expert". And in an elegant synthesis of comfort and beauty we keep advancing our designs to create affordable products for you. The external environment has been the focus of the relatively young ergonomics industry. In a hurried frenzy to take advantage of the increasing interest in products, manufacturers keep creating ergonomically deficient products, grabbing at every new theory, be it variable lumbar support, continues movement, or gel supports everywhere, while lacking key components in their product offerings. Soma Ergonomics is different. We offer a more complete approach called Bionomics: The Science of Comfort (see "Resources", "Preventing Injury", "Bionomics").. This is reflected in our name: SOMA Ergonomics. "Soma" is a Greek word that defines the body and mind as one, where "somatics" means of or relating to the body. Somatics does not view the body and the mind nor the body and the environment as split entities but rather as a unified expression of all we think, feel, perceive, and express. Soma's products are more than ergonomic they're a new way of thinking. As Bionomics clearly explains, we do not believe that products alone are the answer to the many complex and persistent discomforts and injuries that have invaded our lives. Rather we attempt to offer and recommend more complete solutions that can improve your external body posture and your internal neuromuscular states. For example, in light of the growing problems and injuries associated with repetitive strain and back injuries, we recommend to our customers the most practical and effective repetitive strain injury prevention available in the world today: Muscle Learning Training (MLT®) (for more information check under "Resources"). This training is designed to give you the skills to prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries and help you achieve maximum health and comfort, even when not in an optimal ergonomic environment. Training builds a bridge between body and mind. This helps people understand how their internal environment/mind and body state is directly related to the internal pain and related muscle tension, as well as to
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City: Berkeley
State: CA
Zip: 94710
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 836-9130
Fax: (650) 917-5533
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