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OPTOTRONIC Programmable LED Emergency Drivers

Platinum Award
The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC Emergency Driver family is a dual solutionLED programmable driver that combines emergency and normal modefunctionality into a single driver, thus eliminating the complexity ofdesigning and assembling an emergency fixture. In the event of an AC power loss, the emergency functionality of the driver is activated and the emergency mode power is delivered through externally connected batterypacks using a uniquely designed harness. The quick snap-on polarizedbattery harness substantially reduces wiring complexity and prevents mis-wiring.The output of the driver can be easily programmed to accommodate fora one foot candle illumination requirement. The self-test feature models automatically perform a 30-second discharge test once a month and a full 90-minute discharge test once a year according to code.The driver and battery diagnostics are performed regularly and reportedthrough an illuminated test switch.


2017 Selection - IES Progress Report


1) Switch over from Normal toEmergency Mode in less than2 seconds2) Programming doesn't requirepowering up or connecting thepower supply to AC line voltage3) Illuminated test switch to perform manual emergency operation test and report outcome4) Quick snap-on polarized batteryharness substantially reduces wiringcomplexity and prevents mis-wiring5) Multiple battery pack options available to suit an array of luminaire designs6) Available optional auxiliary output to support 12V, 20V and 24V low power applications, & is part of Archinterious/ADEX Awards™. All content, graphics are copyright © with publisher. Any commercial use or distribution without the express written consent of publisher is strictly prohibited.
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