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Northstar Ranges
Your Northstar range offers state-of-the art features, including a full-sized self-cleaning oven (convection optional) , high-speed radiant elements or high power sealed gas burners, delayed-start bake / clean, and much more.
Elmira Stove Works
Elmira the company is very much like the product. Behind a personable, relatively traditional organization lies a company with no hesitation to use technology to build its business and service to its clientele. “Sure, we have voicemail,” says Brian Hendrick. “But we answer the phone in person when we can. We have a dealer network, but we like to hear from customers directly.” Although the company loves to showcase its products in the real world, they understand the benefits of technology. To deal with the number of combinations (antique ranges, for example, come in six colors, two sizes, and an almost infinite number of trim combinations), Elmira encourages customers to build their own “virtual range” on the company's website ( The viewer chooses the size (30” or 45”); selects color, trim options for legs, doors, skirts, etc., the “fuel” source (gas, electric, combination) and cooktop they wish to see. The site displays their range on the screen. Says Hendrick, “People want to see what they're getting before they invest in a premium appliance. A dealer or a catalogue can't possibly show all of the possibilities. The website can, and it's simple to use.” Back on “high touch”, every product is custom-built by hand. “And it's a ‘touchy' product for the customer,” laughs Hendrick. “At shows, we're continually polishing, because people just have to touch the chrome, open the doors and really check out the product. It's a little extra work, but it's worth it to have customers so excited about your product.” Despite its success, Elmira remains grounded in quality, innovation and customer service. Indeed, these are the principles that have brought the company its current success. The Elmira line of appliances is sold through dealers across North America (and throughout the world). Products come fully assembled and delivery time is approximately four weeks. Elmira Stove Works is a privately owned company based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. For more information, or for the name of a dealer in your area, contact Elmira Stove Works, 232 Arthur Street South, Elmira, Ontario N3B 2P2, toll-free at 800.295.8498, fax 519.669.1774, or visit
Address: 285 Union Street
City: Elmira
State: ON
Zip: N3B3P1
Country: Canada
Phone: (519) 669-1281
Fax: (519) 669-1774
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Elmira Stove Works
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