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SilverBullet Current Limiting Panel

Platinum Award
SILVERBULLET CURRENT LIMITING PANEL ENFORCES DEFINITE WATTAGE LIMIT TO PROVIDE ENERGY CODE COMPLIANCEThe SilverBullet , a Sub-Branch Circuit Current Limiter from Lighting Control & Design, places a definite current limit on the wattage (VA) of each track lighting circuit. Designed to address the concerns of retailers faced with state and local energy code-imposed limits of track lighting, the SilverBullet allows lighting loads to be calculated by the volts times the amps of the breakers in the SilverBullet and not by lineal track multiplied by the code assigned by the wattage.The SilverBullet enforces a definite current limit which lowers the VA rating of each track lighting circuit. This capability insures that track lighting installations will be compliant to various state energy codes, such as California's Title 24 which “charges  45 watts per linear foot of track lighting despite the fact that with today's lighting technology, the connected load is far less than the per-foot requirements of these codes.The SilverBullet is UL-listed to be placed in-line between the branch circuit breaker and the track mounted lighting loads. Features include current limiting for 8 or 16 circuits; current limiting available from 1 amp-15 amps; compact size (12 w x16 h x 3.5d); factory pre-assembled, labeled and pre-programmed.For more information:

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