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io Raye G2
The io Raye Generation 2 (G2) is today’s answer to high performance cove applications. Available in a 3" x 3" housing (2" x 6" housing also available), much of the extruded aluminum heat sinking (required for Raye Gen 1) has been removed enabling a cost reduction while maintaining superior thermal management. Eaton’s Cooper Lighting business utilizes the highest efficacy LEDs and tightest Binning (2-step MacAdam). The Raye G2 is the high-performance, affordable answer to new and retrofit cove applications. While exceeding T8 and T5 high performance alternatives, Raye’s optical assembly has been designed to uniformly illuminate the interior surfaces of the cove while offering a very precise asymmetric beam projection. Now field adjustable, the fixture can be tilted up to illuminate various types of ceiling conditions (i.e. barrel vaults). An LED tray can removed in the field via a quick disconnect for future maintenance without disrupting the permanent
installation. The driver is also easily accessible for future maintenance. Projected average rated life is 50,000 hours at 70% of lamp lumen output. The LEDs are compliant with LM 80 standards. Ambient temperature surrounding the fixture shall not exceed 122˚F (50˚C). The Raye G2 allows a 60% power reduction while delivering the same light output.

Raye G2 is available with four lumen outputs and is available in 80+CRI standard, while 90+ CRI is also available. Dimming is a standard option.

Raye’s wireway housing is die formed 20 gauge prime cold rolled steel. The wireway is 17.15” in length for both the 18” and 72” fixtures. Wiring components and Drivers are mounted to a one piece back housing, permitting removal of the cover for ease of maintenance.

Raye G2 is designed to be surface mounted within an architectural cove for indirect illumination. For a uniform distribution (with no socket shadows) the light fixtures should be mounted end-to-end.

All fixtures are pre-wired and pre-assembled for easy installation.


•Suitable for cove and wall slot applications
•Patented acrylic optical assembly for precise, even beam control
•Five Kelvin temperatures of white light and 4 standard color options
•Rated life is 50,000 hours at 70% of lamp lumen output
•Four mounting options: cove 3"x3" and 2"x6" and wall slot 3"x3" and 2"x6"
•Fixtures can be lounted end-to-end to create uniform cove illumination
•Integrated 24v driver, fixed and dimmable outputs in 120v and 277v
•Power Consumption (w/ft): SO (3.5); HO (5.3); VHO (7); and V2HO (10.5)
•Anodized-aluminum finish is standard
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