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Citrine Solid Surface Alcove Bathtub

Platinum Award
Inspired by the light-giving optimism of the gemstone, the Citrine is a solid surface alcove tub associated with warmth and comfort. Natural citrine channels self-healing at its most elemental level, repelling any negative energy and transforming these problematic thoughts and feelings into positive ones. Complete with the integral seamless skirt and three-sided tile flange for easy install, the namesake benefits of this tub shine through in all it offers to the bather with its grounding presence, promoting self-healing on both a physical and spiritual level. Just like the yellow quartz Citrine, this bathtub has an inviting design along with distinct, durable edges that exemplify the stone’s strength and support.This Solid Surface Alcove is one of a kind. Available is soaker, thermal air, whirlpool, or combination system.

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United States
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