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Marblyte Contour Drinking Fountain (HRFGSEBP-VR)
Halsey Taylor, America's first manufacturer of water coolers and drinking fountains, introduces a new addition to its Marblyte Contour drinking fountain series. Designed with educational facilities in mind, the new vandal-resistant, bi-level model (HRFGSEBP-VR) features a stylish, contemporary look and is manufactured from Marblyte, a premium non-porous solid surface material, for superior durability. The new fountain is also available as a freeze-resistant model (HRFGSEBP-VR-FR).

Since drinking fountains are frequently used and often abused in learning institutions, facility managers can save time and money on costly maintenance, repairs or even replacement by choosing vandal-resistant models that are designed to be virtually unbreakable. Equipped with heavy-duty, vandal-resistant bubblers and easy-to-operate, vandal-resistant push buttons, the new Marblyte Contour fountain can withstand almost any rough handling. In addition, the protective bottom cover plates, manufactured from galvanized steel, are also designed to further safeguard the unit from any damage due to frequent use in high-traffic areas.

This barrier-free, ADA-compliant model not only helps facility managers protect equipment while providing healthy, lead-free water, but it also aids in eliminating messes since the contoured basins are designed to minimize splashing and standing water. Featuring smooth, rounded lines and a Galaxy Gray finish on both of the basins and matching back panel, the new Marblyte Contour drinking fountain is a smart addition to any educational facility.

In addition, the new fountain is designed for use with Halsey Taylor's new In-Wall Carrier mounting accessories (MPW200 and ML100) to ensure superior support with simplified installation. A drain and trap assembly is also included.


The list price for the Halsey Taylor Marblyteâ„¢ Contourâ„¢ Drinking Fountain (HRFGSEBP-VR) is $2,391.


Two face-mounted fountains made of Galaxy
Gray MarblyteTM solid-surface non-porous
polymer. Contour-formed basin with softly
rounded corners and edges reduces splatter,
insures proper drainage and prevents standing
waste water. Designed to be easily accessible
on either side to both physically challenged
and able-bodied individuals. Ideally suited for
installation in public areas. Model meets state
and federal requirements as defined by the
Americans with Disabilities Act.

Vandal-resistant bubblers are one-piece,
chrome plated, and are secured to fountain
with anti-rotation mounting system. Unit
has integral hood guard design to prevent
contamination from other users, airborne
deposits and tampering.

Self-closing, vandal-resistant pushbuttons do
not require grasping or twisting.

Self-closing assembly is located inside unit to
prevent tampering. Unit resists corrosion and
liming. A constant stream height is automatically
maintained under line pressures that vary from
20 to 105 psi.

Fountain is equipped with a bottom cover.
Cover is secured to the fountain with vandalresistant fasteners.

Easily cleaned in-line strainer screen traps
particles of 140 microns or larger before they
enter the waterway.

3/8" O.D. Tubing

1-1/4" tube outlet for 1-1/4" slip joint connection.

Fountain shall include pushbuttons on the front,
contour-formed basins to eliminate splashing
and standing water, and shall have rounded
corners and edges. Projectors shall be chromeplated
vandal-resistant type with integral hood
guard and anti-squirt feature. Fountain shall
comply with ANSI 117:1 and ADA for visual and
motion disabilities. The
Halsey Taylor
In 1896, Halsey W. Taylor lost his father to typhoid fever caused by contaminated water. Years later, as a plant superintendent for the Packard Motor Car Company, Taylor noticed dysentery spreading quickly through the workers, and again suspected drinking water. These personal experiences inspired Halsey W. Taylor to dedicate his life to providing a safe drink of water in public places. In 1912 he developed the Puritan Sanitary Fountain and began producing it at the original manufacturing site in Warren, Ohio. The era soon brought the dawn of World War 1, and sanitary drinking water in over crowded army camps was a major problem. Concerned, Halsey Taylor had an idea for a bubbler that would provide a safer drink, resulting in the development of the historic Double Bubblerâ„¢ which remains one of the industry's most important innovations ever. It projects two separate streams that converge to form an abundant pyramid of water at the apex of the stream, for a fuller, more satisfying drink. The Double Bubblerâ„¢ was the first of many innovations that helped to make Halsey Taylor the drinking fountain and water cooler of choice for nearly a century. Today, you can find a Halsey Taylor water cooler or drinking fountain for just about any application. Our vast ADA Compliant offering includes contemporary styles and classic shapes, two-station units and outdoor fountains, plus models with a hands-free electronic sensor. Halsey Taylor also offers outdoor water coolers ideal for Golf Course applications, vandal-resistant water coolers for schools, parks and shopping centers, the timeless appeal of nostalgic cast iron fountains, and floor-mounted and wall-mounted coolers and fountains in a variety of shapes and styles. Our durable and attractive finishes further reflects our concern for our products appearance, as well as their ability to withstand the test of time. From our standard vinyl colors and popular stainless steel finish, to our stunning Aztec Gold and unique Marblyteâ„¢, Halsey Taylor offers colorful options for today's vibrant and distinct environments. New and exciting products and innovations will continue to be a part of Halsey Taylor's future. But more importantly, just as we have since 1912, our number one priority will always be to the safety of those who drink from our water coolers and drinking fountains
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City: Oak Brook
State: IL
Zip: 60601
Country: United States
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