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As part of the “Project Momentum  initiative to increase efficiency and reduce cost, UST sold its decades old Greenwich Headquarters building and moved into a group of three interconnected buildings in High Ridge Park in Stamford, CT.The center building had is courtyard enclosed under skylights to create a 3-story town center atrium. A new monumental stair presides over a large gathering space with coffee/catering bar and several semi-private enclosed booths. The atrium is ringed with various sized conference rooms, each customized and branded to take on the look and feel of UST's leading smokeless tobacco and wine labels.The cores of the typical office floors are set apart with wood slat walls and a rustic slate pathway reminiscent of the company's rural roots. Corners of the cores are wrapped in full height photographic murals that carry on the ambience and tradition of the various brands.

It is the policy of CPG Architects to provide design services that, from both an architectural/ design and a service point of view, meet the highest standards of integrity, distinction and professionalism.We find that the overall goals (image, budget, schedule) of each client are unique and only through attentive listening do we bring them into focus to translate to architectural and design concepts. We believe we must develop a client's architecture and interior design concepts by interpreting their program requirements in balance with company image, the architecture of the building, budget and schedule targets, and overall project objectives. We do not have pre-conceived ideas of a particular design, we will find what is right for you.We believe that quality is key and we concern ourselves with many elements that together become the quality of the project: the quality of the materials we recommend, the quality of light, the use of color in a creative yet business-like way, and certainly the quality inherent in honest, straightforward design that is in harmony with the business functions it serves. We believe that a well-designed space is one that communicates values and sets atmosphere. We believe that people's work environments affect their comfort levels, their attendance, and their productivity. These important concerns inform our design process.We are aware at all times that our work remains well after move-in day. For each client, for each project, we strive to produce a new space that retains a fresh, timeless look over extended periods. Our focus on a long-range time frame is present throughout our design process.

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