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Aurorean represents the next evolution in outdoor lighting products. Cities are becoming more and more crowded, and finding “your” place is not always an easy task. Aurorean gives users the ability to adjust their environment and to create an ambiance that is tailor-made to suit their needs.Light and Motion:Light plays a major role in the ambiance of any public space. Aurorean uses a specially designed light source and a customizable graphics panel to create individualized areas within the urban environment. Aurorean uses 6 individually programmable and dimmable RGBW LEDs to create smooth transitions between an endless array of colours. The user can choose between warm and vibrant tints, cool and tranquil hues, or anything in between. Aurorean makes it possible to create the perfect atmosphere to suit any occasion. Aurorean is delivered with a wide range of preset lighting schemes. Personalized lighting schemes can be made available upon request.The stainless steel graphics panel at the base of the Aurorean is designed to project a series of patterns on the ground and surrounding objects. The position of the projections is directly related to the location of the light source inside the Aurorean. As the origin of the light source changes so will the position of the projection. This simulated movement helps to create a dynamic and interesting environment which is distinctly separate from its surroundings. The design of the graphics panel is customizable and can be tailored to fit the needs of the location. Choose from the standard range of panels or create your own!Sound and Sight:Along with a state of the art lighting system, Aurorean also offers an integrated speaker and camera as optional upgrades. The function of a public space can change from hour to hour, and day to day. The Aurorean sound system is designed to deliver the perfect sound track to suit the needs of any environment. Aurorean can be programmed to deliver preset playlists or even stream FM radio broadcasts (local broadcasting licenses may apply). In addition to simply brightening an area with song, the Aurorean sound system can also be used to for advertisements or public service announcements in the event or emergency. The Aurorean sound system consists of a carefully selected high-fidelity speaker with an expanded frequency range and an open baffle design. The system is completely and unobtrusively integrated into the Aurorean. No matter the occasion, Aurorean will deliver clear and crisp audio to suit the ever-changing needs of the urban environment.Aurorean can also be fitted with an integrated camera. The camera can be connected to security system of the city giving an additional perspective of the area.Connectivity and Interaction:Aurorean is connected to the internet by UTP Ethernet cable and a WI-FI device. This enables the product administrator or municipality to access the system remotely in order to modify or update the product’s sounds or lighting schemes. Aurorean users will only have access to the device when they are within range of the Aurorean WI-FI network. By selecting the Aurorean WI-FI network with your smart device you will be prompted to login. Once connected, the user will be able to interact with the options that are installed in the Aurorean. Light, sound, and even the camera are all at your fingertips!Creating an ambiance with the Aurorean is simple and intuitive. First, select the system that you would like to adjust. For example, selecting “light” will bring up a list of preset lighting schemes. Simply make a selection and press play!Once you are satisfied with the lighting you can follow the same steps to select the audio to compliment your lighting scheme. Lastly, you can adjust the speaker volume and the intensity of the light to fine tune your atmosphere!Aurorean is more than a simple lantern, speaker, or camera. Aurorean in a product designed to give users the ability to create their own environment through smart, proven technology.For more information please contact Valmont at


Product Design by: Chris Waitzman for Valmont NLTechnical development by: Lichtvormgevers

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