Ledge Lounger
Silver Award
Hudson Lounger w/Motorized 1st Class Tray Table
Contemporary and well-designed this unique model features upholstered side panels and arm rests. The wood veneer arms can be stained to match other wood elements in the room. Shown with Motorized 1st Class Tray Table


Fortress strives to find green alternatives to the components that make up our chairs. The foam we use is manufactured - emission-free - with plant-based renewable resources and contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants.

The production of our shipping cartons is 75% recycled fiber.

Additionally, Fortress now offers an earth-friendly answer to high quality leather.
The leather is tanned using extracts from Mimosa trees rather than chemicals used in the normal tanning process. The result is beautiful, pliable leather hides with a very soft hand and available in several rich colors.


MSRP: $17,400
Accessories are extra
Fortress Seating
Fortress, a manufacturer of office seating for over 60 years, entered the home theater market in 1998. Primarily a design-driven manufacturer, Fortress combines style with comfort. Fortress has been supplying seating products for lobbies, conference rooms and boardrooms for many of the Fortune 500 companies for more than 5 decades. In 1984 at the urging of Kaiser Permanente, Fortress started developing products specific to the health care environment and we now have a full line of products specifically suited for that market.
With regard to custom electronics and more specifically, home theaters, we originally manufactured theater seating for Home Theater Resources. Though we maintain a close working relationship with Neal Parsons, founder of HTR our theater seating division, Off Broadway Theater Seating, is now distributed globally through an ever-expanding dealer network.
As our business grows so does the product line. Though we offer over 15 different designs and numerous options and accessories, our ability to create something unique appears to be our niche. In this highly custom area of home theaters, flexibility with seating is where we excel.

Build a chair to the vigorous standards of the contract furniture market and it's no wonder our chairs last as long as they do. As with most things, good design is always evident. Our direction within the home theater market is to have the chair compliment the design of the theater or media room, not over power.
By drawing upon experience gained in the manufacturing of medical recliners and office seating, we were able to produce a chair with both exceptional build quality and comfort, yet not sacrifice the very important ergonomic features needed in a chair you might be seated in for two hours or more.
Just as out other product lines have grown with the input from our customers, so has Off Broadway Theater Seating grown and will continue do so. Being a prime manufacturer with a corporate philosophy of ‘ let's give it a try', almost anything is possible.

This is really our market and we were surprised at how the public gravitated towards that philosophy. It all started when a home owner called to see if they could fit six chairs on their existing risers. When we said “no problem, we'll just alter the size of a couple of chairs”, they seemed astonished that it could be done.
Apparently they had contacted several other companies, but nobody could help them. Since we had been solving seating challenges since the 40's, it was a simple fix. And so it continues. Everyday we get requests to build something special and we welcome the challenge.
Address: 1721 Wright Avenue
City: La Verne
State: CA
Zip: 91750
Country: United States
Phone: (909) 593-8600
Fax: (866) 483-6420
Website: http://www.fortresseating.com
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Fortress Seating
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