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Jeeves Wet-Rated Installation Kit

Best of 2022

Amba® Products Introduces the Jeeves Wet-Rated Kit

(ATLANTA) – November 16, 2021 – Amba Products, a top U.S. distributor of heated towel rack systems, has introduced the Jeeves Wet-Rated Kit. A UL-certified upgrade kit designed for installation of any Jeeves Collection towel warmer in wet areas.

After becoming a staple throughout Europe many years ago, wet rooms are finally gaining traction in the United States.  American consumers are looking to make their bathrooms more functional while adding touches of comfort throughout. The Jeeves Wet-Rated Kit will allow homeowners to install Jeeves heated towel racks not only inside wet rooms but in shower alcoves and walk-in shower stalls as well as above bathtubs - further contributing to the luxury and warmth of the bathroom.

Amba’s marketing manager Peter Manidis said, “We are proud to continue evolving as a brand by responding to trends taking place in the interior design industry and considering the wants and needs of consumers. As wet rooms are becoming more commonplace in modern bathroom design, the Jeeves Wet-Rated Kit will offer homeowners the enhanced capability of installing heated towel racks inside wet areas.”

The Jeeves Wet-Rated Kit is an optional UL-certified installation upgrade offering – making it safe to mount heated towel racks in moisture-rich environments. The system is available through Amba’s network of showrooms across the United States and Canada. The list price for the kit is USD 100 for domestic and USD 150 for Canadian orders, which will include all taxes, fees, and levies.


Though this new offering is the first of its kind for the company, Amba is looking forward to releasing similar wet-rated installation kits compatible with their other collections in the future.


“We expect the Jeeves Wet-Rated Kit to perform well and hope to expand our offerings to include water-safe installation kits suited for other Amba models. The company will obtain UL-certifications for all wet-rated connection packages introduced in the future.” Manidis stated.


About Amba® Products

Amba Products was established in 2004 with a clear goal in mind – to make the heated towel rack a must-have item for every bathroom in North America. While Europeans have been drying and warming their towels on heated towel racks for decades, most Americans have no experience with them. For many Americans, heated towel racks are viewed as overpriced, not widely available, and seen only in the homes of the rich. A perception has persisted that they are a luxury item out of reach for most American families. 

Amba Products changed this view and is proud to be one of the first companies in the U.S. to introduce consumers to affordable, stylish heated towel racks made of high-quality stainless steel. Initially supplying a handful of clients with top-grade heated towel racks, Amba now proudly boasts the largest variety of products and serves more than 1,200 retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Visit to learn more.


United States $100, Canada $150

790 Pickens Industrial Drive
Marietta GA 30062
United States
(404) 350-9738
Amba Products
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