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HSi 4830 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

o The Boston Acoustics HSi 4830 is a high-performance 3-Way LCR 8" In-Ceiling Speaker for music and home theater systems. The HSi 4830 is built around an 8-inch woofer for the authoritative bass response lacking in many in-ceiling systems. Featuring Boston's exclusive Kortec tweeter, the rotating midrange/tweeter baffle and can be aimed directly toward the prime listening position for ideal imaging and soundstage. Designed for stunning sound and ease of installation, HSi 4830 in-ceiling loudspeaker expands the realm of quality sound to create an audio system that pleases even the most critical ears.


MAP: $600

7 Constitution Way
Woburn MA 01801-1024
United States
(978) 538-5000
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