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Designed as a permanent, built-in hand sanitizing fixture, Vaask® makes hand hygiene attractive, thanks to its sleek construction and engineering that includes eye-catching customizable LEDs, automatic refill alerts, and precise hand detection.

Developed with healthcare industry professionals, the U.S.-manufactured Vaask complements the style of any space. The fixture’s PalmPilot® sensor accurately detects the range and motion of hands, avoiding mistimed dispenses and eliminating mess.

Vaask provides a better experience:

  • Permanent: AC powered or POE (power-over-ethernet); no batteries required
  • Built to last: Made of cast aluminum; backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Precise dispensing: PalmPilot hand sensor and pump control eliminate mess
  • Visual alerts: LEDs attract users and notify maintenance staff when it’s time to refill
  • Customized finishes: Powder coating, plated metal and custom graphics
  • Sustainable: Large-capacity, refillable tank is compatible with any gel-based sanitizer

Vaask has earned numerous awards, including TIME’s Best Inventions, and the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo honored Vaask with both its Architect's Choice and Most Sustainable Product awards.

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The Design Process

It’s well known that proper hand hygiene is not always practiced, even in the very places where it is most essential. One recent study published by Cambridge University found just 40% of healthcare workers followed recommended hand hygiene guidelines. Now that the pandemic has reinforced the need for us all to clean up our act, and given that leading researchers and practitioners have proven alcohol-based solutions are more efficient in reducing hand contamination than washing with antiseptic soap, the first place in need of reinvention is the hand sanitizer station.

Providing permanent, dependable, high-capacity dispensers is crucial to improving hand hygiene and reducing the spread of germs in facilities of any type.

The Vaask hand sanitizing fixture is quickly becoming indispensable in spaces that seek to reassure returning customers and staff. Designed as a permanent, built-in fixture, Vaask — a name inspired by the Norwegian word for ‘wash’ — makes hand hygiene desirable, thanks to its sleek, all-metal construction and expert engineering.

With its touchless design, Vaask features a Palm Pilot sensor that accurately detects hands and eliminates mess. The refillable tank contains up to twice the sanitizer of typical dispensers, cutting down on maintenance. An array of easily customizable LEDs not only attract the eye, reminding people to clean their hands; they also alert personnel when levels are low.


Vaask reduces the single-use plastics so common with hand sanitizer. In developing the permanent fixture, the company’s design engineers spoke with business owners who noted that plastic dispensers break after just a few months. Even touchless plastic dispensers tend to have issues with their infrared sensors and last only a couple of years. Vaask is built of cast aluminum and designed for frequent use. At the core of its design is a belief that a product should be repairable and waste-free. Vaask comes with a five-year warranty on all components, and all parts are designed to be repairable to extend the system’s life perpetually. Each high-capacity cartridge is recyclable and easily refilled or replaced. And let’s not forget that using hand sanitizer instead of hand washing is not only more effective at killing germs, it also helps conserve water.


The Vaask hand sanitizing dispenser solves a major problem and, as such, has earned numerous honors including the red dot, BDNY, TIME’s Best Inventions, Best New Healthcare Product of the Year by the Best in Biz Awards, and two Symposium Distinction Awards at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo, which recognized Vaask as both Most Sustainable Product and Architect’s Choice Product.


Prices vary based on finish options.

The superior solution for hand hygiene, Vaask addresses hand sanitizer's many shortcomings. Its recessed wall-mounted design establishes Vaask as a permanent fixture in spaces, symbolizing the pandemic-altered world’s long-term commitment to cleanliness.You can only make one first impression, and Vaask elevates the hand sanitizer experience from tired to inspired with these premium features and benefits: Robust: All-metal construction with premium finishes including brass and brushed stainless, as well as custom powder-coat finish options. Refined formulations: Hydrating gels with modern fragrances and zero harsh chemicals. Long-lasting: Eco-friendly cartridges contain twice the sanitizer compared to typical dispensers. Flexible: Cartridges can be refilled or replaced, and the system also allows use of quality sanitizer from other suppliers. Precise: A high-tech laser range sensor tracks hands to ensure no drips or mess. Ever. Smart: Automated low-level alerts using intuitive LED displays. Guaranteed: Five-year warranty on all components American-made: Manufactured in Austin, Texas. Inspired by the Norwegian word for "wash," Vaask greets your space’s visitors with a hearty “hallo.” A recipient of the prestigious Red Dot product design award and honored by TIME in its 2021 Best Inventions contest, Vaask has attracted interest from architects, designers, healthcare facilities and educational institutions as they welcome back returning customers, staff and students. Plastic pump bottles were an immediate response to our need for constant cleanliness, while Vaask is the long-term solution for our changed world.

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