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SHOO 20w LED Wall Pack with Photocell 120-277v – 35w HID EQV

This SHOO 20w LED Wall Pack – Photocell 120-277v delivers extraordinary light and is ideal for lighting property entrances, storage facilities, commercial and residential spaces, parking lot perimeters, public areas, and other exterior applications. This cost-effective fixture delivers a total of 1,827 lumens and features an L70-rated life of 50,000+ hours. The SHOO 20w LED Wall Pack, with its industrial-grade button photocell, throws light outward and downward in a rounded distribution pattern and features a borosilicate glass lens for extreme thermal resistance.


UL listed for wet locations
DLC listed for rebates






The cost-efficient SHOO 20w LED Wall Pack – Photocell 120-277v replaces 35w metal halide fixtures and its high-performance LEDs deliver a total of 1,827 lumens. The SHOO 20w LED Wall Pack – Photocell 120-277v is L70 rated for 50,000 hours. By comparison, a metal halide lamp lasts only 25,000 hours. Unlike metal halide lamps, which throw light in all directions, LEDs waste less light by directing their light only where you want it.

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