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Having been part of Brendan’s interior fitouts for the past 15 years, Xperiencemakers was re-commissioned to do the interior design of his new home, alongside Peerutin Architects.The bespoke Celtic cross we designed for Brendan’s previous house; a creative representation of his family heritage, was about the only element we were able to bring across. It worked perfectly within the new stair space, as though it were designed for it. Other than that, the very contemporary architectural style of his new development called for a brand new interior look. Fortunately, understanding Brendan’s quirky personality (from having worked alongside him for as long as we have), coupled with our keen appreciation for the architecture of the house; we successfully managed to fuse all the ingredients together by way of suggestive heritage elements; textures; relevant colour schemes; over accentuated lines and wall murals that suit Brendan’s persona.“….in fact I have been so happy with Renée’s creative style; that I have never bothered to Google another interior design firm in 15 years of doing business with her company”– Brendan O’Brien, Urban Space Property Group.

8 Kloof Street, Buitenkloof Studios, Studio 103
Gardens, Cape Town 8001
South Africa
2 (721) 422-5709
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