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Dominique: “A little while ago, Pierre Christiaens asked whether I
would be interested in collaborating on a chocolate parasol. At first I
was a little suspicious. What on earth does chocolate have to do
with a parasol?. But to quote the Dalai Lama: “there’s no such thing
as coincidence”. That evening my dessert was a Dame Blanche ice
cream, and immediately I had a vision of the chocolate parasol I
would design. As a chocolatier in heart and soul, I’m really proud of
the end result. Thank you Pierre and the Sywawa team! I love
people who can make dreams come true!”


660 euro


Available in chocolate & white with a smart 30mm stainless steel pole which operates with a simple push-up mechanism. The covers are made from ultra hard wearing Symacryl, which blocks out 97% of UV rays.
Symo Parasols
Symo Parasols stands for expert in professional parasols for the hospitality industry since 1932. We offer strong parasols, backed up by a sturdy service.

We have made it our mission to lift the art and science of designing and producing parasols to the next, higher level.

Our company innovates by revolutionizing the product, creating a stronger and more beautiful concept in the process. In Bruges, Belgium, we have over 3.000 m2 of workshop with our own design and production units.

When you work with Symo Parasols, you treat directly with the manufacturer.

We offer 2 collections:

Sywawa “Sunbelievable Design Parasols”:
A collection of design garden umbrellas of an amazing beauty.
We hold the most awarded garden umbrella brand under the sun (10 international design awards).
Each parasol is designed by a professional freelance designer or design team.

Symo heavy duty hospitality parasols:
Solid, handy and long lasting quality parasols, especially developed for professional use in hotels, restaurants, cafés, beaches etc.

We have supplied more than 1.000.000 pieces to 42 different countries on all continents.
Address: Industriepark Z3 Waggelwater
City: Brugge
Zip: 8200
Country: Belgium
Phone: 3 (249) 616-1860
Website: http://www.symoparasols.com
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Symo Parasols
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