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Gina chair&armchair
Chair and armchair for indoor and outdoor use. Injected with fiberglass and polypropylene using gas assisted injection moulding technology. Stackable. UV protection.


Made with 100% recyclable materials




Chair net weight: 7.38 lb
Chair measurements:
W 52,3 x L 52 x H 80,5 x Hs 46,1 cm
Armchair net weight: 8,04 lb
Armchair measurements: W 56,9 x L 52 x H 80.5 x Hs 46,1 cm
Barcelona Dd by Resol Group
Address: Les Preses, Girona 17178 Les Preses
City: Girona
Zip: 17178
Country: Spain
Phone: 3 (497) 269-4700
Website: http://www.resol.es
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Barcelona Dd by Resol Group
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