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Delivering unmatched performance and promoting well-being in spaces where it matters most, Nada Rx is a new PVC-free flooring line. Designed for commercial spaces where safety, acoustic performance, ergonomic support, comfort under foot and hygienic conditions are key, this new performance surface seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, resilience and sustainability, and is an ideal option for schools, hospitals, clinical labs and other settings where infection control and sanitation are paramount.

Within the company’s portfolio, Nada Rx stands as an exceptional PVC-free alternative, showcasing unmatched performance while remaining firmly rooted in our dedication to comfort, safety, and environmental stewardship. This game-changing product is meticulously crafted to cater to the visionary needs of designers and architects, offering not only the durability and visual appeal of resilient flooring but also the highest quality, sustainably sourced upcycled rubber material available today.

The Design Process

The team of designers’ objective was to come up with a product that contributed to ergonomic, acoustic and safety issues while providing a sterile environment and performance capabilities for heavy-load and high-traffic areas.

The groundbreaking NadaRx flooring solution was designed with its vulcanized composition rubber backing to elevate performance by providing ergonomic, acoustic and safety support to reduce joint stress and muscle fatigue, diminish noise and reduce the risk of injury from falls. Including heat-welded seams that prevent bacteria or pathogens from accumulating, NadaRx ensures a sterile environment. Its dense, oil-free surface resists dirt, making it easy to maintain and clean. The product’s resilience means it remains beautiful without the need for polishing or buffing, and it’s durable against stains, scratches, heavy rolling and static loads. Nada Rx embodies the highest standards of sustainability and cleanliness.


As an industry leader in recycled products technology, the company’s products are manufactured in state-of-the-art American production facilities where the company focuses on and strives to continually improve efficiency and responsible resource management. Its vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities include grinding, screening, removal of stone, wood, paper, fluff, fiber and other materials from scrap tire rubber to produce exacting specifications that meet or exceed customers internal, external and ASTM specifications.

How the company manufactures its products goes beyond recycling, it’s upcycling. When the company transforms rubber tires into its performance VCR base layer, it’s able to elevate those tires’ attributes so its surfaces provide more safety, ergonomics, and acoustics. It has developed energy-efficient manufacturing processes that do not include smokestacks, use minimal water and little or no heat, and reuse its scrap to minimize waste.

NadaRx is manufactured to meet stringent quality standards to ensure the highest safety standards and is comprised of 19% pre-consumer and 51% post-consumer recycled content. As a low-VOC product, NadaRx will help contribute to diverting more than 300 million pounds of end-of-life rubber from landfills this year and avoid more than 3,300 tons of CO2 emissions. The product is manufactured with an innovative flooring material, which is made from natural minerals and pure thermoplastic polymers and is also free from PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, halogens, chlorines and heavy metals. NadaRx passes CA01350 VOC testing, demonstrating its ability to promote clean and healthy indoor air.


ECOsurfaces' NadaRx is brand-new to the industry, just being introduced on August 1, 2023.


NadaRx is $5.99 per sq. ft.


Colors/Styles: Aesthetically pleasing, the Nada Rx line features a non-directional chip pattern that complements any space with a uniform, contemporary look and does not require polishing or buffing. Its palette of neutrals and nature-inspired colors fosters environments centered around healing and well-being. Architects and designers can choose from warm or cool color options, empowering them to create transformative spaces that prioritize aesthetics and holistic experiences.

Customization: The company offers a fashionable selection of patterns and customizable colors, providing the consumer with the materials necessary to make a unique design statement. The company’s product lines were created to work together to inspire complimentary visuals and mind-blowing mixes when combined with hardwood and carpet flooring.

Performance Specs: As a leader in sustainable flooring solutions, the company is committed to providing architects and designers with eco-friendly products that elevate interior spaces while minimizing impact on the planet. Made with reclaimed rubber materials, the durable NadaRx product has a force reduction of 10.6% and an energy restitution of 68% for its users, provides comfort underfoot and lowers in-room impact sound. The product is PVC-free, easy to maintain and sanitize, hygienic due to heat-welded installation, resistant to bacteria and fungi growth as well as to stains, scratches and dirt.

Adding to its appeal, Nada Rx is built using the company’s proprietary itsTRU® technology, a zero-waste upcycling process. With itsTRU™ technology, company flooring returns positive energy to the body to help people stay active longer, while reducing sound to create a quieter environment. It places a premium on safety, ergonomics, and acoustics to ensure its floors can handle the needs of any application, including heavy, repetitive movement and those that require regular cleaning. The company offers floors that provide high durability, show excellent wear, and provide low maintenance, making them the perfect fit for both health and wellness or architectural projects.

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