Barbican Acoustic Fixtures - Carambola

Concrete interiors, exposed industrial ceilings, and other hard surfaces offer a contemporary feel but can often accentuate noises and create an echo. Acoustic Reflex by Barbican provides a solution by offering high quality, eco-friendly materials that absorb sound, establishing comfortable noise levels.
Acoustic Fixtures are an excellent way to decrease ambient noise in your space. High design and function make these fixtures a beautiful and unique way to establish your own Quietude. In environments where noise can be a productivity barrier or reduce comfort levels, such as offices, boardrooms, reception areas, restaurants, and cafes, Barbican’s Acoustic Fixtures offer a versatile and functional solution.
Choose from 10 standard colors, our featured Artisan prints and a variety of printed patterns and textures, Barbican’s Acoustic Fixtures are available with or without lighting options.



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